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Farfetched Studios is more than just a marketing agency, we are your marketing team and your marketing department. We work so closely with everyone in your organization to create a seamless team. Farfetched Studios doesn’t stop serving our customers if we run into something “out of scope”, instead Farfetched finds a solution. has a modern view on the relationship between client and marketing agency. We aren’t looking to cyphne our clients for as much money as possible. Instead we are looking to help our clients make smart decisions on what media and/or promotions to use for their products or services to successfully achieve their goals. The beauty part of it is that we understand that you have a budget today, and a budget tomorrow. We’ll map out what needs to be invested to achieve certain goals that you are trying to achieve, then we prioritize each recommendation based on order of importance.
Second, we handle everything from brand development to onsite promotions and even event planning.

Specialties: Copywriting, Media Buying, Web-based advertising (Behavioral Display & Pre-roll Advertising), Pay-Per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media.

Industries served: Automotive, Medical, Retail, Restaurant, and Professional Services. We don’t limit ourselves to one industry specifically because that would give us a narrow perspective in marketing your company/products/services. Every industry has it’s own elements that make marketing towards customers or other businesses different. The beauty of it all is that we can analyze your current clientèle, your competition’s clientèle, the market, and where you would like to grow to essentially develop exactly what you need to grow your business.

Favorite Quote: “I’ve never heard a millionare answer the “How did you do it?” question with “It was easy…..I just did ______ (then Poof!! we made $$millions$$).”

The quote reminds us that hard work is always part of the equation to success, and that there is no one-size fits all solution for every business. We thrive on our ability to adapt and think intelligently about the goals that are presented to us.


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