Mobile App Geo-fencing Gives Businesses a Push in the Right Direction

Newest developments allow businesses to notify customers of offers in real-time

Emails and direct mailers about your company’s latest offers are fine, but what if you could put an offer right in front of customers as they walk in the door, park their car on the lot or even drive or walk by? This is possible through geo-fencing. Geo-fencing with mobile apps puts offers literally in the customer’s hands minutes before entering your business.

Geo-fencing explained

According to, geo-fencing is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. A geo-fence could even more easily be explained as a virtual barrier.

For a business, geo-fencing is another way to interact directly with a customer. It would be similar to having an employee stand outside a store and shout the latest deals at a customer as they walk by, only far less annoying.

How geo-fencing works

FFS_GeoFencing_BLOG_IMGGeo-fencing is most commonly fueled by a mobile app. When a customer has GPS enabled on their phone, they will receive a push notification when entering a pre-determined range. Ranges can be set for just about any radius, but usually, the smaller the more effective. This push notification will then stay on the user’s app even when they leave the range. The push notification will remain until a pre-set expiration date.

Ways to take advantage of geo-fencing

Geo-fencing gives your customers another reason to download any apps. Special offers can be revealed only through apps, such as $5 off on your next oil change when you bring in this coupon/notification. By integrating your CRM databases, you can let customers know that they are ready for their loyalty reward when they park their cars.

You can even set geo-fencing in your competitor’s areas. If you’re a car dealership, let your customers know that your dealership knows the brand inside and out. Is your oil change the cheapest in town? Scope the competition in your area. Next time your customer goes to Generic Oil Change shop, they’ll receive a notification reminding them that your dealership is cheaper!

Make the geo-fencing worth your customer’s time, and you’ll strengthen the relationship with customers who download your app. Keep an eye on which customers respond to geo-fencing and experiment with different offers. Which ones do your customers take advantage of when they visit? Which do they ignore?

Don’t lose business to your regional competition! Stay utilizing geo-fencing on your mobile app today! Contact Farfetched Studios, the St. Louis marketing agency that can optimize your mobile app and geo-fencing capabilities!

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Intelligent Email Marketing — More Personal Than You Might Think

New programs can allow for a more customized and optimal email experience for customers

Email blasts and email marketing are still essential parts of many digital campaigns. With the wealth of information that can be gained for a business or marketing agency, emails can become as personal as sitting face-to-face, one-on-one with that customer.

Years ago, when an email was sent, it was pretty much up to the customer to respond, come into the store or take advantage of the offer. Sometimes you would never hear from the customer or see how they responded.

FFS_EMAIL_BLOGIMG_AUG15With Farfetched Studios’ tools, we can find ways to illustrate the path of each of your customers’ journeys, whether it’s email, direct mail or mobile notifications. We can find real-time solutions and make appropriate decisions throughout the sale lifecycle.

Gone are the days of sending out tens of thousands of emails and waiting to see who is going to respond. Your brand relations strategy can be tooled for specific customers or groups of customers. For example, maybe you want to track customer loyalty. Ones that come in often or keep respond to offers on emails could be in line for loyalty rewards. With new tools and technology, you could see which loyal customers react to which rewards better and build campaigns from there.

Interactions with customers can become more customized than ever before. Your customers’ and potential customers’ actions will help determine what relevant content will be sent to them. Your business could even determine what communication is best for specific customers: phone calls, push notifications, emails or more.

With this email marketing strategy, you also improve your customer relationship management. By making the overall experience more personal, you build your brand awareness and relation. Your business goals and objectives are more easily monitored as well as you can relate your email marketing results to your campaigns.

Don’t let your email marketing campaigns be just another send-and-sit strategy. The time is now to rethink your email marketing strategies and contact Farfetched Studios today! Our experience with email marketing can improve your CRM. An email’s journey is essential to any successful marketing — let Farfetched Studios be your email’s guide!

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10 Important Data Quality Issues Farfetched Studios Addresses (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed five data quality issues that could prevent information such as blast emails or direct mail postcards to reach potential customers. As a business juggles customer relationship management (CRM) with sending information, some small hang-ups could keep Thank You notes and special deals from being sent to valuable customers.

You can review numbers 10-6 here. With help from Melissa Data, we will examine Round 2 of our Top 10 Data Quality Issues a business could be experiencing.

5 — Vanity names for cities

Vanity cities are accepted city names for the address and ZIP code. There are official names of cities set forth by the United States Postal Service, but one example of a vanity city is Hollywood for Los Angeles. While both these are correct, some companies may only want to use the preferred city names. The same could be said for unincorporated areas that aren’t officially cities.

4 — Mailing errors

FFS_DataQuality_BLOG_IMGWe covered some of these last week, but there are also some other mailing issues that could cause direct mail not to be sent. This could involve mailing to deceased individuals, street addresses in rural areas/PO boxes, wrong ZIP codes or outdated addresses. Sometimes, the easiest solution is the simplest. If a phone number is on record, perhaps a quick phone call to the person could clear up some incorrect information on your records.

3 — Stale data

Did one of your most loyal customers get married recently? Perhaps they moved? If this information didn’t get updated, you could be sending mail to a Misses who is no longer a Miss. Most of the time, email addresses will not change, but perhaps a form on your site to send change of information could help clear up this email.

2 — Not consolidating multiple records or duplicate records

Similar to the multiple mailings to the same address issue, the lack of making a concise list of records can hurt your CRM. This can also apply to email marketing. If you have multiple lists for email marketing and no way to suppress duplicates, email campaigns can be a nightmare. Thankfully, Farfetched Studios has the experience to manage your email marketing.

1 — General errors in data entry

More than 25 percent of data quality problems can be attributed to data entry errors according to The Data Warehouse Institute. Addresses misspelled or names incorrectly misspelled can not only make your business look bad but be the No. 1 cause of your business not sending vital information to customers.

Thanks for joining us on our journey through data quality issues. To learn more about how Farfetched Studios can better manage your marketing and CRMs, contact us today!

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10 Important Data Quality Issues Farfetched Studios Addresses (Part 1)

Nearly all businesses have to keep some kind of records, whether you’re a dealership with sold or potential customers or a hair salon ready to send out coupons to loyal ones. However, if your business is also a larger one, you may come across thousands of records a month.

Keeping the information accurate is an integral part of a business’ customer relationship management (CRM). Managing this information can take valuable time away from other aspects of your business’ CRM.

Thankfully for you, one of Farfetched Studios’ goals is to ensure accurate data is available for whenever someone at your business needs to contact a customer. Farfetched Studios can also help manage any databases relating to CRMs and email marketing.

With one of the top data experts, Melissa Data Corporation, Farfetched Studios’ lists the Top 10 data quality issues that could affect your business. We work to correct these issues whenever they arise.

Here are numbers 10 through 6. Check back later for the Top 5.

10 — Addresses with no suite or apartment numbers

When direct mail is sent, the piece may not reach the customer if an apartment number or suite number is left off or incorrect. Whether it’s a customer forgetting to leave off the extra information or an error by a sales rep, the information may not make it into the CRM system. Farfetched Studios helps businesses keep track of what addresses don’t work to help ensure more accurate information.

9 — Multiple mailings to same residence

FFS_DATA_QUALITY_BLOGIMG_JULY15Perhaps a whole family who enjoys your business lives at one address. Should you be sending them the same mailer four times? By doing this, you can hurt your reputation, not to mention overwhelm a customer with different or conflicting offers or waste postage cost.

8 — Poor sender reputation

Don’t get your email marketing campaigns blocked by recipients because it could be flagged as spam. With Farfetched Studios’ email marketing techniques, we work to make sure your emails won’t be caught in the spam filters. Also, in keeping a good reputation, when someone asks to be removed from a mailing list, we take quick, proactive measurements to take them off the list.

7 — Inconsistent data

Did one of your loyal customers move and you get a Return to Sender notice on direct mail? Maybe the CRM is updated but your mailing list isn’t. Farfetched Studios likes to stay on top of situations like this to swiftly make a difference in your mailing efforts.

6 — Lost conversions

If your business relies on web conversions, losing leads and potential customers can hurt your numbers. One reason could be that your web forms are too long or ask for too much information. This could lead to incorrect information on the customers’ part or drop-off rates at that point of the conversion path.

Check back later for our final five data issues that may be having a negative effect on your business. To learn more about how Farfetched Studios can better manage your marketing and CRMs, contact us today!

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Google’s Rivals Grow as Microsoft, AOL Sign 10-year Search and Display Deal

Bing replaces Google for organic search results on AOL sites effective Jan. 1, 2016

Microsoft continues to heat up its efforts to combat rival Google in the search engine domain as it partnered with America Online (AOL) for a 10-year pact. The deal will eventually mean Bing takes over 100 percent of the organic search results on AOL site starting Jan. 1, 2016.

AOL will control the display, mobile and video ad sales for Microsoft properties — that includes Xbox and MSN — according to AdAge. Since 2002, Google handled the search results and ads for AOL, but starting next year, Bing will add another tool in its toolbox.

Microsoft boosts display ad prowess

FFS_BLOGIMG_microaol.JULY15As we learned last week, Bing is making strides in the search realm as it now has one-third of the market. This AOL deal only looks to push those numbers even further. However, as more than $108 billion is expect to be spent between search and display ads this year, Google is projected to command a large portion of that. AOL is set to earn 3.5 percent of the digital display ads compared to Microsoft’s 1.7.

Yet the baby steps for Bing are starting to become slightly longer strides. With this deal, customer data from the two sides and AOL’s parent company Verizon will surely come into play with the search and display ads. This deal also opens up more ad reach and supply for both sides, particularly for Microsoft and its search engine Yahoo Bing.

Future endeavors of Yahoo Bing

Recently, Yahoo replaced Google as the default search engine on Mozilla. Bing has its sights—or rather sites—set on another major browser: Safari. Google and Apple’s deal will expire this year unless the two sides reach an agreement. It is highly possible that in the near future, all non-Google sites and browsers could be powered by Yahoo Bing.

Perhaps more money may shift to Microsoft and Yahoo Bing in the overall numbers, but Google still dominates most desktop searches at a rate of more than 65 percent.

It would take a lot to knock down Google of the pedestal, but Bing will keep on trying. The end result means more competition, which means more opportunities for a business’ ad to be seen on either search engine.

With all the talk of Bing’s growing presence and Google’s volume, perhaps it’s time to re-examine your business’s digital advertising strategy. Farfetched Studios LLC is a St. Louis-based marketing agency with experience in both digital and traditional media, and we can make your Google and/or Bing search strategies work for you!

Contact us today for a proposal on how we can improve your business’s digital presence and marketing!

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Farfetched Studios Marketing Agency Reflects on Its First 5 Years

A look back at our development years, accomplishments and what the future may hold

In July 2010, Farfetched Studios LLC set out to set apart its clients from the competition. With a heavy focus on digital advertising campaigns while still remembering the power of traditional media such as TV and radio, we wanted to make a difference for our clients.

Fast forward to July 2015, and Farfetched Studios celebrates its fifth year of marketing, blog posts, copy writing, digital display and search ads, SEO and much more. We wanted to extend a Thank You to our clients for giving us the opportunity to improve your advertising presence and strategy — and we came through for you.

FFS_5yr_BLOGIMG_JULY15Farfetched Studios goes the extra step. When we come across a problem or come across something “out of scope,” we don’t run and hide — we find the right solution. Instead of throwing out bland, cookie-cutter displays or generic search ads, we tailor each ad to stand out among the competition.

What we’ve seen in the past five years in terms of advertising technology continues to amaze and simultaneously intrigue us. Digital ad technology has made interesting advances in the last half-decade. We always stay on top of the latest advancements in Google, Bing, television and more.

Reaching the top at home and away

One of our clients we work with is an institution in our hometown of St. Louis. As a St. Louis marketing agency, we are eager to help improve businesses in our city. One of our automotive dealerships we work with has the high regard of being the No. 1 Chevrolet dealer in the state. However, we don’t focus only on their Chevy dealer. We work with the entire group’s network, sharpening our writing and marketing skills.

We’ve also help with home remodeling companies in the St. Louis area, so don’t think we only work with automotive dealers. If you want your business’s marketing strategy to take the next step forward or you want to incorporate more digital presence, Farfetched Studios is your answer!

Our skills aren’t just limited within the St. Louis city limits. Our marketing helps add to the efforts of Georgia’s top RAM and FIAT dealer as well as the country’s No. 1 Dodge dealer. We are excited about this for a few reasons. One is that it shows our efforts matter and make a difference. Another is that we don’t keep our skills hidden to just our local market. Whether your business is on the West Coast, East Coast or anywhere in between, we will work with you!

Once again, thanks to our clients that give us the opportunity to improve their ad campaigns, and here’s to the next five years!

If you’ve examined your marketing strategy and want more for your business, let us know! Contact Farfetched Studios today for a proposal.

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All Searches Matter: Yahoo Bing’s Numbers Increase to Take 1/3 of Searches

Less competition, faster average growth among reasons why Bing holds its ground

More than two-thirds of people in the United States will use Google as their search engines. Google has even become a verb rather than a 1 followed by 100 zeroes. Nobody ever “Bings” anything.

Or do they?

That other one-third — that belongs mostly to Yahoo Bing according to Comscore. That’s right; businesses could be losing out on almost a third of their market without any type of Yahoo Bing search campaign.

Possible reasons behind Yahoo Bing’s growth

Search Engine Watch performed a study throughout 2014 and paid close attention to the fight between Yahoo Bing (or Bing) paid search and Google AdWords. The past results of Google’s much higher average Click-Through Rate (CTR) than Bing held true, but the gap shrank in 2014. Google’s average CTR in 2014 was 5.47 percent compared to Bing’s 2.42 percent — a far cry from the Google’s 265 percent stomping over Bing in 2012.

Between 2012 and ’14, Bing’s average CTR improved 175 percent compared to Google’s 65 percent during the same span. This is one of the attributions to Bing’s expanding place in the search advertising realm.

According to a Driving Sales article and Search Engine Watch’s study, between 16 and 18 percent of automotive, travel and shopping advertisers saw higher CTRs on Bing than Yahoo. If you have a business in the automotive realm, travel sector or ecommerce, perhaps it’s time to examine your search ad strategy.

Advantages of Bing Ads over Google AdWords

FFS_BLOGIMG_JULY15A company’s ad found a higher placement on Bing’s results pages (SERP) than Google, but this could be in part to more people advertising on Google AdWords than Bing Ads search. Overall, Google does provide a higher CTR than Bing Ads, and there doesn’t appear to be any trend that Bing could overtake Google in the search engine world.

There are some apparent advantages of choosing to use or even add Bing Ads to your search strategy. First, there is less competition on Bing than Google leading to the aforementioned higher listings on SERPs.

Also, with less competition also come cheaper pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. A newer company with a lower budget starting out may opt for Bing at first. The numbers certainly show that Bing isn’t just going to lie down and die.

If you feel like it’s time to re-examine your digital strategy, contact Farfetched Studios LLC. We are a St. Louis-based marketing agency that has experience and certification with both Bing Ads and Google AdWords to meet your business’s needs.

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Just a click! The Digital Journey From Devices to Conversions

Native ads become more prevalent with Google’s automation between brands and publishers

If you run a business with ecommerce attributes, than your conversion tracking and data are important. However, one problem that some companies encounter with their advertising campaigns is that they are not 100 percent sure where the ad was seen and if they made a purchase on another device when they saw the ad.

Google has managed to measure cross-device conversion through AdWords a couple of years ago on its own sites, and now the search engine titan adds other sites to its mix as well — including mobile sites.

Marketing agencies such as Farfetched Studios LLC and their clients now have a better idea of whether or not their display or search ads on one device led to the desired conversion on the other. Though this process is not perfect, it is improving.

“Instead of knowing whether any and every ad it serves led to a purchase, download or other conversion, Google will take the aggregated and anonymized data it has on people who are signed into Google and extrapolate it to cover the ads it serves to people who aren’t signed in,” Tim Peterson wrote in an AdAge article.

Why Ad Location Matters

FFS_BLOGIMG_JUNE15The trail of potential customer to conversion is not always the same. Just because someone sees an ad on his or her phone doesn’t mean they’ll register a conversion with their smartphone or tablet. Perhaps the ad is seen on a tablet; then, the soon-to-be customer converts on their desktop or laptop. Whether your conversion is a form submission or a purchase, figuring out which ads helped lead to the conversion is essential.

Google is also making it easier for any brand and publishers to incorporate native ads into their strategy. These native ads look more like original content on the site instead of a box that sticks out like a sore thumb. One example is an ad that looks like an article in a newsfeed as opposed to a display ad on the side.

Google works with these brands and publishers to ensure that the brand’s images, etc. can be plugged into the publisher’s site at a moment’s notice, similar to programmatic buying.

With all these new ad features, developments and technology, we understand if it can be time-consuming or even confusing. Farfetched Studios has the experts and skills to turn your advertising strategy into one that makes good on ROI and brings more conversions. Contact us today to get started on transforming your marketing strategy!

How Programmatic Buying Differs with Farfetched Studios

Farfetched Studios explains what sets us apart from other marketing and ad agencies

FFS_STAND OUT_IMG_6.16.15Any business could choose just about any marketing agency and get the bare basics: some generic SEO copy, corporate display ad and some occasional programmatic buying. However, if your business is important to you, you deserve more than just the basics and shouldn’t have to pay premium rates for them.

Farfetched Studios, a St. Louis-based marketing agency, is dedicated to improving and excelling your advertising strategy. We don’t just have a first-of-the-month template and let it go; we will make needed adjustments throughout the month and year.

Farfetched Studios tracks more than our competition. Our experience with AdWords, AdFuel Dual-layered Targeting, analytics, Yext, social media, blogging, script writing and more mean your company gets more than a one-dimension PPC campaign.

How our process works

FFS_ADFUELTARGETING_IMG_6.16.15We obviously don’t want to give away all our skills and secrets, but Farfetched Studios can tell what separates the wheat from the chaff. Our use of both client-supplied first and our third-party data from the Internet means your ads are targeted and not just floating in cyberspace, hoping to be seen by your potential customers.

Each campaign for each client is different. Farfetched Studios takes post-click and post-impression data to make intelligent decisions and changes within each campaign as needed or requested. We actually pay attention and are pro-active whereas other firms may just take a backseat with your advertising campaigns — don’t you think your ad strategy deserves an experienced driver?

We also weed through the bad display placements. We offer brand safety control to keep your ads from finding their way onto less reputable sites. In addition, Farfetched Studios uses our sources to find top sites in your region to correlate to your campaigns. We’ll take the time to eliminate waste and the possibility of ad fraud.

How Farfetched Studios works for your business

Your business can’t just hope customers directly go to your site or come in off the street all the time. Each customer’s journey starts with an ad, but after that, each case differs. The customer then takes an action that will determine how to meet your conversion goals. These processes are based on steps we develop to encourage maximum conversion rates.

FFS_PREMIUMSERVICES_IMG_6.16.15The precious data given by customers should be used correctly and efficiently. We utilize the offline data with third-party online data in conjunction with first-party data to effectively target past, present and future customers.

Other services that some ad agencies could charge a premium for are included in our efforts. Conquesting from other brands, social media, individual custom ads — these could be extra charges by our competition, but not for Farfetched Studios. We also have access to premium channels if you’re strategy feels inclined to move that way.

Marketing is a dynamic process that should be handled by experts. Don’t let your advertising strategy fall prey to cookie-cutter search ads and bland display campaigns. Contact Farfetched Studios today to learn more and for a proposal on how to build upon and improve your marketing efforts.

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An Overview of 2015’s Top Digital and Mobile Trends

What’s the next big step for digital and mobile advertising, and how could it affect your marketing strategy? |

A popular yearly list shows the current trends for 2015 and what the rest of the year might hold. Mary Meeker, an investor for Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, released her yearly Internet trends list, and this edition focuses heavily on mobile.

The possibilities and potential of what mobile marketing can offer a company grow monthly, and Meeker’s list offers her insights into what’s occurred so far and what she projects to happen for the rest of 2015. Farfetched Studios has dissected the list and picked out a few that affect marketing in all realms.

Mobile numbers on the rise

FFS_NEED2KNOW_BLOG_IMGThis past year and 2015 so far has been all about mobile, so why believe it’s going to be any different? While still trailing Internet users overall (2.8 billion in 2014), mobile Internet users shot up 23 percent last year with a total of approximately 2.1 billion users. A statistic such as this shows why businesses should take a good hard look at their mobile sites, apps, marketing and strategy.

According to Meeker, Americans now spent almost three hours per day on mobile Internet, more than on laptops. Compare this to the amount of time mobile users spent on the Internet: 20 minutes. Mobile definitely matters now in the marketing game.

Does your dealership or company use videos to promote itself? If not, consider that now 55 percent of all mobile data traffic is video. Integrating this with social media, Facebook gets 4 billion (with a B) video views a day; 75 percent of that is from phones.

Social media as a whole are still important, but the overall growth of the giants Facebook and Twitter is slowing down. In fact, both have been surpassed by Instagram as the top choice for teens. Perhaps your business is geared toward adolescence — based on these stats, is it time to re-examine your mobile marketing strategy?

Vertical videos and e-commerce

Maybe Snapchat is on to something.

Meeker’s data show that “vertical screens and vertical content are a big deal.” As 29 percent of people’s time is now spent looking at smartphones, Snapchat has said that its vertical ads are viewed until the end nine times more often than horizontal ads. This could be taken with a bit of a grain of salt since most snaps last 10 seconds or less, but the numbers are still intriguing.

Also, e-commerce has picked up the pace as the $300 billion (again, with a B) spent last year accounted for nine percent of retail sales. Gearing your strategy toward more online sales could benefit your company.

Overall, it appears digital and mobile advertising is here to stay. Let Farfetched Studios, a St. Louis-based marketing agency, help you navigate your marketing strategy through the World Wide Web and smartphones galore. We also help with traditional media! For more information and a proposal, contact us today!

By the way, are you reading this on a smartphone?