10 Important Data Quality Issues Farfetched Studios Addresses (Part 1)

Nearly all businesses have to keep some kind of records, whether you’re a dealership with sold or potential customers or a hair salon ready to send out coupons to loyal ones. However, if your business is also a larger one, you may come across thousands of records a month.

Keeping the information accurate is an integral part of a business’ customer relationship management (CRM). Managing this information can take valuable time away from other aspects of your business’ CRM.

Thankfully for you, one of Farfetched Studios’ goals is to ensure accurate data is available for whenever someone at your business needs to contact a customer. Farfetched Studios can also help manage any databases relating to CRMs and email marketing.

With one of the top data experts, Melissa Data Corporation, Farfetched Studios’ lists the Top 10 data quality issues that could affect your business. We work to correct these issues whenever they arise.

Here are numbers 10 through 6. Check back later for the Top 5.

10 — Addresses with no suite or apartment numbers

When direct mail is sent, the piece may not reach the customer if an apartment number or suite number is left off or incorrect. Whether it’s a customer forgetting to leave off the extra information or an error by a sales rep, the information may not make it into the CRM system. Farfetched Studios helps businesses keep track of what addresses don’t work to help ensure more accurate information.

9 — Multiple mailings to same residence

FFS_DATA_QUALITY_BLOGIMG_JULY15Perhaps a whole family who enjoys your business lives at one address. Should you be sending them the same mailer four times? By doing this, you can hurt your reputation, not to mention overwhelm a customer with different or conflicting offers or waste postage cost.

8 — Poor sender reputation

Don’t get your email marketing campaigns blocked by recipients because it could be flagged as spam. With Farfetched Studios’ email marketing techniques, we work to make sure your emails won’t be caught in the spam filters. Also, in keeping a good reputation, when someone asks to be removed from a mailing list, we take quick, proactive measurements to take them off the list.

7 — Inconsistent data

Did one of your loyal customers move and you get a Return to Sender notice on direct mail? Maybe the CRM is updated but your mailing list isn’t. Farfetched Studios likes to stay on top of situations like this to swiftly make a difference in your mailing efforts.

6 — Lost conversions

If your business relies on web conversions, losing leads and potential customers can hurt your numbers. One reason could be that your web forms are too long or ask for too much information. This could lead to incorrect information on the customers’ part or drop-off rates at that point of the conversion path.

Check back later for our final five data issues that may be having a negative effect on your business. To learn more about how Farfetched Studios can better manage your marketing and CRMs, contact us today!

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