2022’s Various Demands to Daringly Up Your Visual Digital Marketing Game

Since a picture has so much tangible and visceral worth in the digital realm, a well-placed and shot video now boasts even more as much. Currently becoming a very crucial part of any company’s strategy, video is appealing to 96% more consumers than ever before. Video is going to account for 82% of overall internet traffic during 2022, and several trends will remain a staple in the online marketing strategy of today’s time as well as the future. Here are a few elements that we think will dominate 2022 here at FarFetched Studios that need to be closely examined during strategy:
The Triumphant Return of Live Events: Two years ago, when live events came to a very dramatic halt, the very well-produced live video itself enjoyed a solid means as a place for brands to continue connecting on all levels with their customers and striking a very personal chord. Various surveys have shown that customers would rather watch a video as opposed to reading text, and 67% of consumers who watched a live stream purchased a ticket to a similar event that they attended and may have purchased from.
The Rising Popularity of Video Being Cut in Milliseconds: One of the most cost-effective means of giving the consumer what they are looking for on their ideally preferred platforms, short-term video now accounts for nearly half of every single video online, and this type of advertising is now in a viable spot to drastically bypass traditional TV advertising’s reach this year. We have realized here at FarFetched Studios that Instagram Reels have lately received 22% more engagement than what is found when looking at traditional video content, and brands will need to put forth major effort into dominating this trend during 2022.
Unsurpassed Usefulness of Users Sharing Their Story: For the benefit of your brand, there is nothing that resonates as more authentic than customers letting others know about the brands they buy from and share how they benefited from their use. Content that shows how a product or service made someone’s life much easier is always appreciated and well-used, and brand advocates are now just as relevant or even more than social influencers. If someone’s story is perceived as authentic, and they can persuasively dictate that they come from an everyday walk of life, it’s pure gold within the digital marketing realm.
VR and AR’s Pull to other Reality Portals: With the recent introduction of the metaverse, the many ways that customers will interact, and display purchases are going to rapidly change. The entire user experience can be “set to normal” during a day out in the typical world but will see a startling change when you can interact with others as you would on Tinder or other dating sites, displaying the products you purchased elsewhere such as shoes in a virtual landscape.
Implementing in the ideal way a means for consumers to have many ways to boost their customer experience will be necessary in the future, even if it is just a 360-degree storefront in the beginning: it may ultimately HAVE to be a full-fledged VR and synthetic world with all the modern traits of excitement.
Still Foregoing as Focused on the Benefits of SEO: Here is where all of us on staff at Farfetched Studios begin to get a bit excited and ready to assault our keyboards viciously and with purpose! While the attractive pull of video and everything it can accomplish is a must for your agency to pull off, there remains the all-important task of assuring that what you create is easily found. The presence of videos on a page assures that you will be up to 53 times more likely to rank on the top of the most popular search engine’s first results pages, and therefore yield abundant new- and curious buyer traffic. Keyword research is one of the most important duties you can undergo, and there are many ways that you can purchase what is highest ranked. Once your video is done and ready to go, it is essential to have targeted keywords in the file name, include as much relevant information as possible within the subtitles and captions, and create original thumbnail images that will resonate with search engine algorithms that aid in getting you found.
We now know that the visual craft of storytelling will be most important during 2022, and we have the tools to boost your presence with so many different strategies and means of capitalizing on current trends. What will continue to be a dominating allure will be appealing to those who want their information fast, and we will have our team work on the “ever-important short and sweet” of the back end’s digital demands.

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