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Google Grants Reprieve: Chrome’s Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Now Set for 2025

Some notable and relevant news for digital marketers worldwide was formally announced this spring! Google has once again postponed its plan to phase out third-party cookies for visitor tracking in the Chrome web browser. This latest announcement comes after a series of ongoing challenges receiving viable feedback from regulators and industry investors. The official announcement

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Sizeable Traffic Triumphs and Sustainable Growth: Differentiating SEO and SEM For Digital Success

The only profession that uses more acronyms than web marketing could be the armed forces themselves! Some of the most common mistakes happen when it comes to elements that are related and similar to each other, and there have been many distinctly different concepts of SEO and SEM. During the internet’s early days, SEO was

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New Wonder on The Byte Block: Google’s AI Breakthroughs at Marketing Live 2024

During Google’s “Marketing Live” event last week, they introduced some very impressive tools for in-depth editing of creative content. It won’t surprise many that they are AI-assisted, as many options to bolster this emerging technology have come about in the past few years. Google has been working on a new process that will enable marketers

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