5 Digital Marketing Trends Worth Embracing For Great 2021 Agency Performance

If your branding is on point, returns are just as you hoped they were, and your trend report looks good, things are going to be feeling good at the office. If the last year has shown any seasoned firm that deals extensively with digital anything, it is that what happened yesterday may not forecast good fortune today, meaning you must always be using your sixth sense and figuring out where the gains and accurate ROI is within the next week. 


As we have paid close attention to how trends have shaped every agency’s plan and purpose, here are some of the things we have learned here at FarFetched Studios that will assure your campaign performs the way it’s needed and exceeds your expectations. Are you caught between navigating the new normal that came about over the last year and wondering what happens next? 


Here are some of the ground rules we have been abiding by to assure that your search for optimization, placement, and stellar ranking all lies on our shoulders for first-class digital service and results. 


Facebook is Still Ruling the Stratosphere: Even though you have been shown many other alternatives like the mega-popular one that focuses on being primarily photogenic, Facebook still has more than 2.7 billion users scrolling daily to interact with others and feast on the newsfeed. With more than 180 million brands now boasting a presence, this is a much-needed portal for you to be present on. 


The Power of the Narrative is Winning: Storytelling is one of the best means of retaining the kind of traffic that is truly organic. Are you looking for the kind of success that many clothing and other iconic brands have enjoyed after putting together a narrative that resonates well with users worldwide? Answering questions about your origins and where you see yourself in the future is always an appeal to those looking for a switch from something bland or inaccessible. 


The News that Pops In Via SMTP: If you would have asked us a while back, we would have said that many of these messages go to “trash” on the double. What is so revolutionary and game-changing about email’s stance right now is that your targeted market is looking for answers. Where can they find products, how can they solve problems, and where does this leave them in the long run? This is where we come in, with a stack of well-cultivated mojo to get to the bottom of your downline’s requests. 


The Predictive Scope is A Reliable Medium: While many people that ask us for our expertise and wisdom remain surprised at every turn, predictive technology is indeed one of the most surefire ways to find out who needs what you have to offer, and how soon. It’s not just in the fine art of search engine cultivation, but also when you have a quality amount of tools to allow you a front seat to what your consumer is now talking about with their friends. We have learned here that this is NOT an area to attempt to master with a shoestring budget, but can yield massive rewards, especially during the holidays! 

The Human Touch Encourages Digital Handshakes: High-pressure sales have long been off the table, and we are attentive and listening while up-and-coming brands are looking to win over “very real people”. A true human with a listening ear goes a long way in today’s climate, and our digitally-savvy team can assist you with crafting your own approach to making viable customers near you feel as if the details of your journey stack up as worthwhile against the competition.