5 Social Media Strategies To Gradually Build and Retain Relationships With Consumers

One profound example of “the way things used to be” is the very loud used car advertisement. You can still see this method occasionally within the broadcast realm, and some huge players in media still don’t realize how desperate it seems. Loud calls to action and the sense of urgency are much like the bullhorn effect, and the consumer of today will quickly know when your intentions aren’t genuine. Here are 10 social media strategies that will help build better relationships with consumers and allow you to convey an authentic tone during times when pushy is overbearing.

Regular Posting:

A social media expert from Bearly Awake Coffee in New Mexico had shared with Rolling Stone that weather updates, live music, local personalities’ activities, and other new businesses opening around the area are always interesting and fair game. Optimum times for posting on social media are at noon and 6:00 PM, and even posting once daily can retain the consistent connection needed. If you feel that your idea tank is running a bit low on what to share, it is best to offer a snippet that makes someone curious such as a new release or an incredibly fun outdoor activity you all did together.

The Valuable Skill of A Genuine Touch:

A very successful interior design company in Utah lately recognized how weary consumers are of the influencer mentality. While everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic, many companies strive to appear perfect and consistently above the rest. This is why decades-old sitcoms such as “Frasier” and “Seinfeld” are so popular: they are openly willing to poke fun at themselves. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by showcasing some off-the-wall quirks about your employees such as odd pets they own or how they have secretly become a fiddle player (that makes mistakes!) in their spare time.

Rethink Each Post for “Connection Value”:

It’s not that you always must immediately engage by asking a question, although we have seen many favorable results with this method. “Which one is YOUR favorite?” is quite popular, but there are other ways to establish a lasting connection. Holiday digital campaigns provide an extra appealing way to do this, as a sense of togetherness and longing steers consumers toward offerings such as comfort food and travel. As disposable income looks to be becoming scarcer among the middle class over the next year, simply suggesting “take a look” at offerings can yield better results than barking out specials and sales.

The Pull of Authentic Passion:

One important thing that marketers sometimes forget is that people genuinely want to know what makes their service or product provider tick. With some outdoorsy or crafty brands, it can be a bit easier to show followers this raw form of passion, and the deep-seeded reasons why you chose to go into the business that you did. Authentic interactions will take place after your potential and existing customers see that you are human and that your mission is not to just generate revenue hand over fist.

The Far-Reaching Transparency of User-Generated Content:

If assuring potential customers that your product will work for them is crucial, it is always best to let them know that you believe it yourself. From personal coaches to vendors with tech gadgets, real stories take the regimen of “carnival barker’s” syndrome out of the equation and allow people to feel as if everyday people also back your brand. Online furniture store Wayfair has enjoyed great success by providing users with a hashtag that provides a means of sharing their home setups, and then reposting them. They then provide a useful link that their users can visit to shop for the exact items that were featured by a living and breathing user, which has been both inspiring and completely transformative for the brand.

Here at FarFetched Studios, we specialize in digital strategy, and these tips for building trust are replicated across nearly every channel! Many huge corporations didn’t realize just how impersonal they were making their campaigns across their socials, and “becoming a household name” has always been easier once you add a well-versed human touch.

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