New Realities, New Rules: 5 Steps for Resilient + Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

With a trending national average of 12 very important “touchpoints” and two months for a customer to cross the line from awareness to fully-fledged purchase, it is crucial to have a well-honed digital marketing strategy for success. The process of eventually figuring out who your target market is and leading them to conversion may require constant tweaking and testing for effectiveness. Your strategy is part of a larger business plan that helps brands meet their entities’ goals and constantly sparks interest for new prospects.
Pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, e-commerce, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing are all elements of a digital strategy, and are proven tactics to constantly draw people to your product or service. Your SEO strategy is a great help when it comes to getting you found, but then your user experience and calls to action must be well-polished to succeed. The creation of the content that you’re ultimately sharing is just as important as the steps taken to identify your target market.
Here are five steps to get the most out of a very thorough strategy during both lean and robust times, incorporating tactics that have brought great success for other brands and franchises over the years.

Building Personas Post Target Audience Identification:
A digital marketing strategy can ultimately only be as successful as the audience it sets its sight on for targeting. These are the ones who will ultimately be purchasing your products and services, and constantly spreading the good word about what you have to offer. It is important to determine whether any key geographic areas may see higher performance than others. Finding out important traits such as what kind of hobbies your ideal persona has can help you during the content creation process.
Over the past decade, it has been determined that solving a user’s problem is more important than any fast-paced and very aggressive sales pitch. If you can provide your target audience with a solution to their pain points, you can secure loyalty for life. Taking the time to figure out where your target market spends their hours browsing online and where they may impulse shop is incredibly valuable as well.

Analyzing Competitor’s Playing Fields:
Before you excitedly join forces with your digital team and implement a strategy, it’s important to understand the digital landscape before diving in headfirst. It is very useful to figure out what relevant keywords your competitors are bidding on, and how your competitors rank organically when measured up against your performance. Thankfully, there are third-party tools now such as Semrush and Google Trends that take many hours out of algorithms and guessing games and allow you to get a bit of a “rough copy” regarding where the entities you’re up against’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Determining Viable and Profitable Channels:
One of the most difficult tasks to master these days is exactly how you are going to use a mix of digital marketing channels for the best results. After a bit of trial and error, you can quickly come face-to-face with your customers where they’re hanging out online and enjoy the results of your brand’s high quality spreading rapidly. One benefit of having a dedicated team such as us here at FarFetched Studios is the allocation of KPIs and measurement goals, as each channel identified should have its own set of KPIs. Google Analytics is an excellent tool that provides excellent measurements of your efforts.

Content With Depth + Standout Value Proposition:
Many companies that have had to tackle their digital marketing strategy head-on have had success by starting from scratch each time they create a consistent message. The reason for this is that the components of the messaging that works can be recycled carefully in each channel. The first streaming services emerged along with many entertainment options to listen to during the drive, the call to action could be a little bit more rigid.
Simply stating the value proposition and company name would embed themselves in the customer’s subconscious, and they would ultimately call when they needed what was offered. After a close look and competitive analysis, you may feel that your brand is like others, making it difficult to stand out. Shoes, services such as therapy and counseling, pet grooming, and other clothing articles face this problem. In some instances, you may not have to undergo a complete rebranding to be successful, but rather make a subtle change to a logo or create a commercial with slightly different talent as the main draw.

Fearlessly & Confidently Setting Sail:
Once you’ve defined steps 1-4, you can now feel confident with a hard launch of your strategy. Now is when it becomes most important to monitor performance and be very aware of how quickly the landscape can change. To experience the best results, weekly, monthly, and daily checkpoints should be scoured to assure you’re doing everything possible to stay ahead of others and have a heightened awareness of product satisfaction. Some findings that you can come across during this process will allow you to incorporate trending cultural elements to vibrantly stand out.
If you can take the time to implement a very solid digital marketing strategy, you will see huge growth of success in the long run, and quickly be able to switch gears regarding channel effectiveness after monitoring your performance. You have already made the painstaking effort to build your brand, its unique edge, and its excellent potential: our creative team at FarFetched Studios will meticulously assure that performance is monitored, strategies are aligned, and many happy repeat customers are getting the good word out!

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