Ability to Stay Updated on Local Vendors’ COVID-19 Safety Measures Via Search Engine Now Active

If any theme is prevalent right now while doing business, it is that of staying safe. Customers who are thinking of approaching a local business are without a doubt sizing them up based on their safety and health protocol. Going unprepared in person to see how well they meet current health standards may not be the best choice. Checking things out beforehand online is sensible.
On Tuesday, September 9th, brand-new attributes on public health and safety made their appearance for listings in the Google My Business dashboard. There now exists an new set of objectives that everyone needs to follow and adhere to be successful.
Among them are:
· Which types of appointments are required
· Mask mandates
· Mandatory temperature checks
· Staff wearing masks
· Temperature checks for staff
Many consumers nationwide have requested the presence of these elements as they are looking to engage with business in their area, to know what to expect if they feel that they are at risk. Since these updates are now so very critical, this move came at a time when the final decision to visit a store may base on this criteria. It is not just the food industry and retail that people are scrutinizing. Many different types of vendors are being sized up daily based upon their response to the pandemic.
As local merchants and retailers put these attributes into action, they could likely experience more foot traffic. Along with a more positive opinion of customers who are looking to have safety concerns addressed. The Google My Business feature also allows for adding attributes such as a woman-owned business, Wi-Fi availability, and outdoor seating.
There are 2 types of attributes: Facial, and Subjective. Facial attributes are able to be edited and include traits such as Black-owned, or types of available seating. Subjective attributes are driven by the opinions of customers who have visited the business. The business category governs which attributes are available to the profile. When the business information is edited, it reveals which attributes your business can get.
Sadly enough, some businesses have even had to list themselves under the “temporary closure” category. The information provided to Google via attributes enables you to yield better positioning in “long trend” searches, and catch the attention of those who have safety as a pressing concern. As industry professionals who have seen our clients through many ups and downs, we are satisfied when you are satisfied, and we embrace success when your business does.
These are useful details to know about a disruption that may or may not be temporary. They can help you project the atmosphere you are creating accurately across the digital realm to customers. Here at Farfetched Studios, we are specialists of various levels of industry compliance to assure that your business is projecting the right steps taken for safety. As things have been subject to change on a daily basis, we have been keeping up on every variable in able to check your existing campaign and make sure that your website and other means of advertising meet requirements.
Dangerous and cautious times sometimes lead to prosperity and normalcy once they run their course. That is every digital marketer’s hope for the world right now. If there are relevant safety issues that you need to communicate, we will help convey the message. While things may remain a bit unstable and unfamiliar, we are still putting every single ounce of our energy into keeping those in our ranks meaningful, profitable, and always optimized for changing landscapes.
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