Achieving Ultimate Success after the Storm: Post-Pandemic Strategies for Digital Marketing in 2022

Things have been so strange over the past two years that it would be a grave understatement to say that all of us here at FarFetched Studios have seen much uncertainty: some trends such as working from home have stuck around for the long haul, and some have turned tail and reared a bit more difficult sign as the nation saw grave supply chain issues. Since marketing agencies such as ours should always be the leaders of innovation, our creative minds are working overtime to assure that your brand does better than the competition while vying for digital attention.
Now as it seems that consumer behavior has shifted permanently, we have noticed some trends to abide by for 2022, as adaptation and keeping further ahead of the curve than ever will be necessary.
Uncertainty Abides With Severe Frequency: The lockdowns that rattled the entire world may be over, but health protocol is still changing all of the time, and quick adaptation is key. Consumers now spend 13 and a half HOURS online every day and 90% of all users dutifully follow at least one Instagram account. As overwhelming as it can seem to keep your eggs in so many more baskets than the proverbial (and still very relevant!) Facebook platform, so many consumers have steered away from shopping in person and into the various facets of eCommerce.
The Massive and Surreal Appeal of the Metaverse: As many of the smaller brands out there are patiently watching the Metaverse’s appeal and functionality roll out, there is one purveying theme that will dictate how companies market products: the movement into a digital reality. A pair of jeans or shoes that someone buys in a physical storefront will be able to be also worn in a separate (and soon to be very popular) world. VR advertising will blow the doors off traditional methods as we know them, and it will be fascinating at best to see how things develop.
Short-Form Video’s ADD-Style Domination: With so many consumers just wanting a quick break during a bus ride or shift change, not many out there are willing to listen to anything that takes a grave amount of time to cut to the chase. TikTok wasted no time in completely taking the world by storm, and those trying to replicate its success such as Instagram Reels adapted and quickly added short-form content. As frustrated as it makes many digital marketers, the official attention span for many users is only about 8 seconds, forcing nearly every brand in existence to rethink strategy on the double.
Podcasting and Audio are Positively Ruling the Market: It’s hard to say if it was the intense lockdowns that were having users crave a warm voice or the brutally honest and exploratory personalities of celebrities like Joe Rogan that attracted so many to the digital airwaves. From 2020 to 2021, there was a 25% increase in podcast listeners, and how it personalizes word-of-mouth advertising offers up a modern solution that still blends with a nostalgic and human touch.
First-Party Data Marketing’s Trending Prowess: Google has officially announced that they are on track to phase out third-party cookies, and there is going to have to be hours of hard work in the trenches to regain various ways of ad tracking. It’s not just for straight revenue earnings, it’s to see where you browse, what is trending on your feed, and even bounce rates fall under this guise. First-party data as a means of doing things in the future can provide even better opportunities for prospecting because the top layer of data gleaning is a bit more voluntary. A future without cookies appears imminent but maybe more productive in the long run.
GEN Z’s Slightly Stubborn Appeal Factor: The future that will involve cookieless third-party existence is going to see brands hunkering down and tapping into their strength values to strengthen their community and the way they respond. One of the predominant characteristics of Gen Z is they want to give their money to companies they believe are investing in the causes they care deeply for.
The Rising and Convenient Popularity of Shoppable Links: Once someone reads about something awesome like a recipe, they will want to figure out how to buy everything in one place, so they can experience what they have just read about right away! One of the types of partnerships that have become very common during the last two years is a portal that shows you in detail how to cook a recipe, then make every single ingredient appear at your doorstep. The pandemic brought about this need for this type of convenience, and it’s here to stay: there’s something very awesome and ideally situational regarding reading about something you want to try, then making a few clicks and having it arrive.
Quality Reigning Supreme When it’s Needed Most: When the Google algorithms first started becoming more commonplace and businesses of all types wanted to stuff keywords, you could incorporate this tactic with stuffing keywords that were relevant and still showing high rankings. It makes perfect sense that Google’s algorithm has now become much more intelligent, and that the quality of content will always prevail as what converts. One of the elements of content creation that we help with most here at FarFetched Studios is the organic path to relevance, and how customers relate to stories: without the personal touch, nothing matters, and 2022 is a very opportune time to resonate strongly with great experiences.
The way things are going to be for some time to come, it’s hard to predict exactly how to react, invest, and move forward. Our team is here to listen to where you want to be, how you want to get there and prepare the correct channels for you to succeed. You would not want to jump into a raging sea without a life jacket, and that’s why we are here: to assure your voice is heard, your mission Is accomplished, and your many future goals are met!

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