Ad Technology — Chevy Digital Ads Find Way into Print Publications

We may be called Farfetched Studios, but we are not making this up. Chevrolet digital ads similar to pre-roll will be displayed in magazines — yes, print magazines.

The May issues of Popular Mechanics and Esquire magazines will feature 2015 Chevrolet Colorado ads that have already been seen on television and Internet pre-roll, but this time with a twist: they will be displayed right on the page in the magazine. Americhip developed the technology to allow videos to be played in print.

According to Advertising Age, those who are more targeted to buy the Chevy Colorado—about 10,000 subscribers to each magazine — will receive copies of the magazine with the special digital ad. Though Chevrolet wouldn’t divulge the exact amount spent on the idea, it was “obviously expensive” according to Jill Mida, manager for Chevrolet Truck Advertising. Print ads for the Chevy Colorado are already in print in other magazines that are in the target market for the pickup such as Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated as well as TV commercials.

Putting a digital ad in print magazine was a way to make the print magazines stand out more to readers, almost an “aha” moment, according to Popular Mechanics and Esquire’s publisher Hearst Men’s Group.

Ad Age also said this is not the first time, however, a magazine has put a digital video ad in print. More than five years ago in 2009, Entertainment Weekly had digital ads promoting CBS’ fall lineup.

Putting these digital ads in print shows the emerging technology and the advertising ideas keeping up with them. A campaign such as this puts Chevrolet’s ads literally in the hands of its target customers. Also, something as unique as this will definitely make Chevy stand out to potential customers who may be on the fence and considering purchasing a competitor’s truck.

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