“Averting the Digital Marketer’s Conversion Crunch”: Addressing Decreasing Click Volume in Google Ads

When anyone with a digital storefront or URL that is dependent on a healthy amount of traffic to succeed sees a drop in search volume, there can certainly be a reason to be alarmed. Every single click you miss out on means that any of your forms of competition are taking customers away from you, and only 3% of customers convert on a GOOD day in the current landscape! As with many traits of running a successful business, it is necessary to do some investigation and find out why it’s happening. 

In this blog, we’ll show you how we establish Click Through Rates here at FarFetched Studios, and some of the key areas you can spend time on identifying some of the ways to get back on track, and fast! 

What is CTR? 

The CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown and is a very crucial metric that analyzes internet traffic performance. It can be used to measure the quality of ads, identify what solid worth keywords have, and help with the gray areas between campaign budgets and keyword bids. If your CTR has been turning more negative, you’ll soon notice a direct impact on your click volume. 

An average CTR for search on the internet is around 5.06% across all industries. Here are some common ways to respond to a negative and turn it around entirely regarding CTR.

1. Was it Just Recently That Your Score Dropped?

While the Quality Score metric has a lot of weight, there is a good reason for it: it effectively measures the expected CTR, ad relevance, and how good your landing page is working for your image and conversion. Google ads breaks everything down for you, so there’s no guessing what you should put a hard focus on during your optimization. 

One key solution is to optimize your Quality Score according to the “grades” that Google allocates you for your keyword quality. When we are supervising your campaign post-launch, it could be something as relative as creating entirely new and engaging ad copy, or looking at your overall UX to achieve a higher level of quality and value proposition.

2. Checking in on Click Volume Decrease:

Decreased impressions can occur if you are marketing a seasonal product, thereby not giving you as much of a reason for concern. Candles, clothing, various forms of sporting gear, costumes, and cards all fall under this category. Once searches go down for others in your particular industry, the impressions will tend to decrease. 

If you have recently made changes to your Bidding Strategy, we have seen numerous errors arise between your daily budget and your target CPC and CPA goals. These strategies actively work to throttle impressions to users who may not be ready to convert, which is always your number one priority. Since Google has also recently loosened some of its restrictions on keyword match types, it is also possible to have too much focus on them, which results in even more impressions lost. 

As our team is continuously working to assure that you see success, looking over your keyword lists and constantly re-aligning your goals are all ways to make a change and combat low impressions.

3. Fluid and Profitable Forward Motion: Going With new Altogether

It can be very discouraging to have new ad copy glistening and ready to go, and then witness your click volume going rapidly down. CTR may drop while Google’s algorithm is taking its time to learn what meets users’ expectations best. A/B Testing is a great method to succeed in today’s challenging landscape and see how results inform future testing. Google has claimed repeatedly that ads actively using numbers have a sense of attention-grabbing and allow you to cut through all the busy noise that other PPC ads can see dragging them down. 

A detailed analysis of 612 top-performing branded paid ads revealed that 48% of ads had exclamation points, while just 11% made use of a dollar sign or question mark. The exclamation point was the punctuation that conveyed a message loudly to consumers the most when looked at by TheSearchEngineJournal.com to put emotion to use while positively driving incremental performance. As tedious as it may seem to spend time testing ads after a strenuous re-write, it can pay off in the long run, and this is another one of the tasks that we allocated all our fresh-brewed coffee AND creative minds to here.

4. If You Are Temporarily Head off at the Trail by Being Outbid:

Competition is one element of the digital marketing game that is impossible to control, as other entities with a larger budget are always out there looking to aggressively find ways to claim their market share. One of the elements you CAN exercise some control over is how you respond to various types of competition. While some competitors thrive on the ability to run a promotion, we rise to the task and make sure that your current ad copy goes under detailed review and that the Ad Preview Tool is in use to assure an attractive visual appearance. 

If you realize that you are now in sudden decline, it is important to make sure that you have a very detailed game plan before jumping to conclusions or giving up completely. Staying organized and very thoroughly on top of the numbers game needed to succeed are attributes of digital marketing that we will always excel at, and just before the very busy holiday season is a great time to assure you have the ultimate guidance and expertise to keep click volume at a bustling maximum!

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