Adhering to Google’s Advertising Policy: Avoiding the Dreaded Third Strike

With massive reach and responsibility comes the need to regulate, and Google now has a three-strike ad policy system that is affecting many businesses and how they get their message across. Getting strikes comes with many different consequences for different types of businesses. Today, we will look at ways to avoid suspension during the coming fall months. 

What Exactly is This System and Its Purpose? On July 20, Google announced a new policy that penalizes repeat offenders, and the third strike will lead to a suspended account. This process is meant to discourage dishonest behavior, unapproved medicine and supplements, or dangerous products and services.

How it Will Work: 

  • The first time you are not in compliance, you will receive a warning, and your offending ads in question will be removed until you change the verbiage. 
  • If any portion of your ad violates the same policy within 3 months of your original warning, your first strike will result in a hold on your account for three days, and the ad that was in violation will remain disabled until it is correct. 
  • You’ll get a second strike if you are in violation again within 90 days, this time enduring a 7-day suspension. 
  • If you get a third strike, your account will be indefinitely suspended.

When Does This all Take Place? The pilot version began September 21, and will gradually ramp up over a three-month span. Some companies who have had compliance issues in the past will be watched more closely and may need to take some time to align with Google’s policy. 

How Can I Effectively Avoid the Penalty Box? 

Put a Damper on Outstanding Disapprovals: Now is the time to review any of your outstanding disapprovals. As policies will continue to update in the future, it is important to consider what could be too risky for Google. Gambling, heavily charged political ideals, and industries such as CBD and marijuana are examples of topics that may be penalized. 

Search High and Low For All Offenders: False claims, risqué material, religious movements, and virus cures are some of the most commonly investigated cases. Stating how you can fulfill a need in your niche is usually acceptable, but any tone with a hint of anti-government or unhealthy attitudes towards genders, violence, and substance abuse is almost never allowed. 

Keep Your Presence Well-Diversified: As Google continues to expand on a policy structure that could be strict, other marketing channels can be appealing and sensible. As the disapproval process becomes more automated and substantially less human, you can at least rest assured knowing that you are spreading your message elsewhere while you work through any issues that may arise with Google. 

We can assist you with a campaign that utilizes tactics to retain customers, SEO practices that focus on getting you found, and assuring your message reaches your audience while staying within the rules!

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