Captivate, Convert, Conquer: Advanced Copywriting for Social Media Mastery

A fully implemented social media strategy will pave the way for your business to enjoy a very rich presence, while constantly engaging those pulling out their device and looking to fill the void! It is very satisfying to suddenly witness customers excitedly commenting, comparing experiences, and being eager to share the word about your product or service on social media. Your well-polished copy is one of the necessary magnetic forces at work, while also acting as the bait, fishing rod, AND plan of implementation to keep your appeal strong in a changing market. 

The following are some copywriting tips that will allow you to consistently engage your audience in ways that resonate and convert.

Time-Saving and Practical Templates:

Even with forms of AI available to quickly stoke the idea wheel, it is still easy to spend a fair amount of time coming up with new post ideas. One excellent technique is to turn your post that has performed the best into very useful templates. The very successful streaming giant Paramount+ has had great results with this method, as they take media snippets from nostalgic shows and then pair them with copy relevant to today’s modern culture. Tools such as Sprout’s Post Performance Report can identify your best-performing posts, which are great tools for building new templates.

The Redundancy of Repurposing’s Inadvertent Luster:

Television shows and movies that portray advertising agencies have clearly portrayed the amount of time spent on generating ideas. As a content creation team, you can keep your publishing calendar full by shamelessly relying on other teams for quite viable material. Once you locate an article of any kind that resonates with your audience, you can immediately go to work and tailor it for several different posting events. This may seem difficult at first, but you can pull a quote from a past article and use it, write a separate summary of the entire article, and quite possibly the most appealing option is to create a carousel paired with visuals of important takeaways.

Grab Attention with Vigor:

As one of your main objectives is to stay on topic about your brand, there are so many ways to ensure it is not boring! It is important to not fear saying something a little spicy or loaded – if it is still aligned with what you know your audience is after. Many instances and different times of year deliver their own forms of ups and downs regarding engagement, as they are also providing the keys to use while defining strategy. Simply get your team together and ask which kind of posts have sparked your engagement and interest lately, then do your best to replicate.

Accessible Means Inclusive:

When your copywriting team comes up with a barrage of exciting ideas, it’s best to constantly double-check for accessibility. For those who are joining in on a hand-held device, there are a few best practices to de-clutter and powerfully purpose. Capitalizing the first letter of each word in a hashtag, along with avoiding ALL caps makes the delivery less disruptive. Plain language wins big to draw firm attention, as well as avoiding overly complicated dialogue. As you are compiling your best efforts and putting the finishing touches on your drafts, always take a quick scan to make sure that you’re presenting the most important information first.

Exploring the Potential of Longer Posts: 

So many digital experts have stressed the point that your post should be short and sweet. Platforms began restricting characters and attention spans plummeted lower, which unfortunately may have made some very appealing brands a bit afraid of long content. LinkedIn is one platform where users have enjoyed great success with long-form posts reflecting on credibility and leadership. You can always experiment with posts that aren’t under the guise of a paid boost and see how readers react. For stories of a recent trip taken or a very rewarding journey to success, your audience will be willing to invest a bit of extra skimming time. 

Platform-Specific CTAs:

When copywriting for an effective social media strategy, there are many ways to avoid repeating high-pressure phrases. The most successful brands out there today have tailored their calls to action to assure that they are closely aligned with the customer’s journey of discovery and need. The advent of social media proved that people are very quick to share their opinion, so asking them to do so in the comments is one strategy that has withstood the test of time. Since customers are after visually appealing content on Instagram, any of your pertinent links should be shared slightly after the fact, nestled strategically in the bio. 

Diving Into Data Post-Delivery:

As everyone here at Farfetched Studios is aware, social media copywriting effectiveness doesn’t end the moment your post goes live. After your content has been fully out there and up for grabs for a while, it’s time to take a close look at your overall performance. Sprout’s Analytics Suite allows you to access very valuable analytics to see how well your different attempts have resonated with audiences. One of the massive benefits to your business here is the ability to closely examine how different post lengths have been accepted by your audience. Our expertise here is invaluable: as a business owner, it is so useful to have a report delivered to you instead of slowly navigating through data bits yourself.  

There are some great techniques you can use to your advantage to keep a healthy interest alive and make sure that your brand is not only visible, but consistently connecting well and telling an appealing story. Our team possesses the tools, tenacity, and desire to see you thrive: let 2023 be the year your social media breaks the ice and brings in a devoted following!

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