Amplifying Email Marketing + Appealing Portfolio Power for Digital Entrepreneurs

Social media posting, video campaigns and webinars are all great tactics to reach your customers, but it’s important not to forget about one very effective method: email marketing! Some of the most skilled and successful email marketers out there are yielding an ROI of over $30 for every dollar spent for their campaigns! The concept of email marketing – what to email, who to email and more, can be a bit tricky to understand, which is why we wanted to cover it on the blog today.

Connect, Convert, Celebrate: The Many Benefits of Email Marketing:

Emails offer a very personal touch that creates a connection with your customer that other forms of advertising cannot. While other forms of advertising, like advertising on streaming services, certainly have their merit, they do not deliver the same feeling of direct communication that email marketing does. When your contact opens an email, the sense of conversation that arises can go a long way in establishing trust.

Email campaigns can (and often should!) be very targeted, and it is much easier to tailor your audience than it is on, say, social media. 77% of marketers saw an increase in email engagement in 2023, while the ability to thoroughly test your emails can yield higher ROI. Since subscribers can voluntarily sign up to be on your list, a sense of purpose and belonging is associated with email marketing that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Connections that Count: Building an Email List:

By 2027, the worldwide email marketing market will be worth 17.9 billion dollars, which can make even the most skeptical e-commerce companies eager to roll up their sleeves and dig in! Your email list should consist of people who have willingly given consent to receive emails from you. It’s tempting to purchase an email list, but it’s important to keep in mind the way you behave when you receive spam. Accuracy and validity are both very important during this process, so it’s also important to commit to regularly removing invalid or bounced email addresses to maintain high engagement rates.

Subscribers should display a genuine interest in your products and content. The best email lists have subscribers that make it a point to actively engage with the sender, meaning they are eagerly clicking, responding to, and sharing your emails. They are the most likely to convert and display the most robust value over time. Segmentation is another tactic for email marketing that makes a huge difference: these segments are based on past purchases, interest, and how often they engage after opening. 

Email Empire Starter Kit: Building Your List from Scratch with Confidence

A Pop-up CTA can be created for each page of your site. Efficient pop-ups can be optimally timed and retargeted, and suddenly appear after a user spends a certain amount of time on the page. There are also very useful exit pop-ups, which appear if your user attempts to exit, along with scroll pop-ups, which appear after the user reaches a certain interval on the page. Users can become so overwhelmed with “yes or no” web offers that offer a bit of unique personality. 

Injecting humor can work quite well also. You could always slip something in akin to “No thanks, I DIDN’T want to find out how to save money on gas prices.” It is a bit easier to click on when the CTA is urging you to sign up for more emails populating your inbox, while also a bit harder to say no to building wealth or becoming more attractive. Even though it sounds silly to some, Gamifying signups can be a powerful marketing tool. If you are a retailer, you could initiate a game that allows for “winning” free shipping, super cool merch, or even a discount. 

New-Lead Momentum Via Multiple Landing Pages:

55 percent of consumers who want to keep up to date with businesses they support say that email is their preferred means of communication. As you begin to master personalized landing pages, they allow you to appeal to a wider demographic. Each person who visits your site may need something different, so you can gain positive momentum by “wearing many hats” in the appeal department. 

Much as any browser will encounter on a restaurant menu, offering items for more specific demographics will bring you more customers. Some browsers may be looking for summer and camping gear, while others may be looking for the best luxury items to make their home more comfortable, while yet another prospect may be actively searching for trendy footwear. Even within genres such as pet supplies, sub-genres such as aquarium and dog treats exist.

The reason why we still hold email marketing in such high regard here at FarFetched Studios is for how customized you can make your approach! There is data available about each recipient you can use to your advantage. Personalized emails get 29% more opens and 41% more click-throughs. Contact us today to solidify your email marketing plans for 2024 and enjoy strategies for subscriber satisfaction.

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