An Overview of 2015’s Top Digital and Mobile Trends

What’s the next big step for digital and mobile advertising, and how could it affect your marketing strategy? |

A popular yearly list shows the current trends for 2015 and what the rest of the year might hold. Mary Meeker, an investor for Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, released her yearly Internet trends list, and this edition focuses heavily on mobile.

The possibilities and potential of what mobile marketing can offer a company grow monthly, and Meeker’s list offers her insights into what’s occurred so far and what she projects to happen for the rest of 2015. Farfetched Studios has dissected the list and picked out a few that affect marketing in all realms.

Mobile numbers on the rise

FFS_NEED2KNOW_BLOG_IMGThis past year and 2015 so far has been all about mobile, so why believe it’s going to be any different? While still trailing Internet users overall (2.8 billion in 2014), mobile Internet users shot up 23 percent last year with a total of approximately 2.1 billion users. A statistic such as this shows why businesses should take a good hard look at their mobile sites, apps, marketing and strategy.

According to Meeker, Americans now spent almost three hours per day on mobile Internet, more than on laptops. Compare this to the amount of time mobile users spent on the Internet: 20 minutes. Mobile definitely matters now in the marketing game.

Does your dealership or company use videos to promote itself? If not, consider that now 55 percent of all mobile data traffic is video. Integrating this with social media, Facebook gets 4 billion (with a B) video views a day; 75 percent of that is from phones.

Social media as a whole are still important, but the overall growth of the giants Facebook and Twitter is slowing down. In fact, both have been surpassed by Instagram as the top choice for teens. Perhaps your business is geared toward adolescence — based on these stats, is it time to re-examine your mobile marketing strategy?

Vertical videos and e-commerce

Maybe Snapchat is on to something.

Meeker’s data show that “vertical screens and vertical content are a big deal.” As 29 percent of people’s time is now spent looking at smartphones, Snapchat has said that its vertical ads are viewed until the end nine times more often than horizontal ads. This could be taken with a bit of a grain of salt since most snaps last 10 seconds or less, but the numbers are still intriguing.

Also, e-commerce has picked up the pace as the $300 billion (again, with a B) spent last year accounted for nine percent of retail sales. Gearing your strategy toward more online sales could benefit your company.

Overall, it appears digital and mobile advertising is here to stay. Let Farfetched Studios, a St. Louis-based marketing agency, help you navigate your marketing strategy through the World Wide Web and smartphones galore. We also help with traditional media! For more information and a proposal, contact us today!

By the way, are you reading this on a smartphone?

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