Assuring Your Passion Remains Profitable: Developing a plan for Effective Digital Momentum in 2023

The team has long been an authority for the most relevant business advice over the years for digital marketers, and a source we occasionally look to for guidance. One thing we’re sure about here at Farfetched Studios is that the next year will bring about some very unique challenges for digital marketers. One of those challenges may turn out to be the many owners, content creators, and tech gurus who made it through the pandemic and who remain relevant to this day.

Expert Amine Rahal has clocked success since the AOL days, when the telltale sound of the dial-up modem existed before beginning the day’s work. Google wasn’t available to provide search tactics, and TikTok videos were not yet commanding the very short attention spans of many eager followers. His job has always been to accurately predict what’s coming next, and have a battle plan in action before the competitors across the drawbridge do. He reflected over the past week on his blog about achieving success in a market space that is getting more crowded by the year.

GPT-4 and the “Smart” Chatbots Approaching the Sandbox:

When generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) was officially released in 2020 by OpenAI, it amazed marketers worldwide with its ability to generate on-point and savvy human language. It is currently the most sophisticated AI language model in the world, and allows the user to create intelligent dialogue, artistic poetry, and valuable snippets of day-to-day conversation. Even though tools such as this are going to provide many opportunities for customer service and broad retention over the next year, they still don’t pass the telltale Turing test that is a benchmark for human-caliber performance. 

Many customers who have already developed loyalty for a brand do not enjoy their affairs handled by a chat bot, but as this technology improves so will the services it supports. With its successor in the form of GPT-4 coming soon, chatbots are now poised to experience an unprecedented growth spurt. One element that we are keeping a close eye on here is that this technology may be able to replace human agents forever, and we will see how different demographics react to this form of automation.   

Nuances in the Name Game and the Rise of Hyper-Personalization:

Author Dale Carnegie cranked out a very genius and visionary piece of work with his 1936 book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Here he shared the knowledge with the public that someone’s name is one of the most important linguistic sounds to them. As we have looked closely at email and text campaigns over the years, it has become very evident that not including the lead’s name results in a cold reception immediately. 

This year saw the crackdown on invasive third-party cookies, as capturing your lead’s name as early in the process as possible is always going to be key. The times ahead will demand creative ways to get the vital info such as name and email address without losing trust and continue with follow-ups confidently and efficiently. The option to “accept and continue” or allow other forms of data collection regarding cookies is on the way out, as anyone browsing the web will now have a heightened expectation that won’t leave ‘tracks in the snow” on their PC.

Design With Functionality and Favoring Mobile Presence:

With 54% of consumers looking for everything from everyday items to impulsive purchases on their devices, the desktop has become predominantly a means for multiple project management and larger-sized video feeds. Many surveys and other viable research have shown us that attention spans last about 8 seconds when making a product impression, and creating visual content that portrays a glossy and accessible format. 

The behavior of those who have just been “won over” by a brand usually sees them sharing content within a wider sphere and have viewers devouring it quickly. It has also been made very clear that quizzes and other forms of entertainment provide a huge draw, and provide the opportunity to be watched for a new announcement or upgrade. 

Your passion and its growth-hungry intersection with business may have taken a while to find its rewarding purpose, and now is always the time for any action that promotes more viewers getting familiar with your brand’s feel. You’ll be leading the pack with creative, brand-boosting details that visually pop and retain excitement, while adapting for a final working model that must now move faster than ever to produce and command the topic of conversation!

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