Atomic Habits

By: James Clear

Sometimes you think a drastic change is the best way to change your habits and get on the right track, whether it is starting that new diet, the new workout plan, getting more done at work or just cutting out bad habits to make more time for your good ones (like reading more)….well some say that it all starts with identifying who you are as who you want to be so you automatically assume the habits of who you want to be. So if I’m aspiring to be the most sought after consultant in the business then I need to start acting like that right now but assuming the habits of this aspirational me (like right now). That means waking up early, doing more planning for each day and evaluating client success even more harshly.


So that was step one of this book, step two rolls into making small changes to the tune of just getting 1% better each day. Doesn’t sound like a lot but this is called “stacking.” Whether it be better habits or getting more business, if you can squeeze out 1% more each day then the compounding effect gets you where you want and need to go to become successful in whatever mission you have.

There are a lot of other great tools in this book to help you morph your habits into the ideal life you have in mind, like priming your environment etc… pretty cool stuff. Definitely recommend this one for everyone trying to make big changes. #atomichabits #jamesclear #jamesclearatomichabits #entrepreneurialmindset #onepercentbettereveryday

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