Farfetched Studios, the Automotive Marketing Agency you probably never heard of.

YES, we specialize in automotive marketing and we are very good at it. Why haven’t you heard of us yet? Well, two reasons; we don’t brag on ourselves very often and we only work with a tight knit group of dealers throughout the country. To make this easy, we usually have some sort of a referral point from a 20 group meeting, Chevrolet Dealer Council meeting or similar situation. This is because Farfetched Studios usually finds that the most ambitious dealers in the country, are usually the best fit for us and those owners typically all know each other.

What does Farfetched Studios Do as an “Automotive Marketing Agency”

Well that is pretty simple, we do just about everything or handle just about everything for our dealers. We take care of creating the ad campaigns, getting the offers, updating the website, managing your business listings, planning and buying the traditional media and even submitting your co-op! Yep it is all true, we do all of those things for our clients and we do it with the goal of not only helping our dealers get better but also making their operations run smoother.
Creating Ads
Getting Offers
Business Listings
Media Planning
Media Buying
Co-Op Submission

Why is automotive our specialty?

There are two parts to that story, the fun version is that I’ve loved cars since I was a blonde haired, blue eyed little tot (My hair is very gray and hasn’t been blonde in 30+ years). Whether we are talking about Hemi powered Jeep Wranglers, ’66 427 Corvettes, Porsche 356s, or Ferrari 250 GTs, you’ve usually got my attention. How does this help? The answer is easy, I’m passionate about automobiles and this makes your ads look that much better. I understand that there are details to every vehicle and those details matter to whom is buying them (and the dealers that are selling them).

I like to call us the hybrid car buffs, we are one part marketing and data nerd, then 1 part auto enthusiast. We know all the latest tech to marketing your dealership, and we can pick out the differences between a 2021 Dodge Charger and a 2015 Dodge Charger.

So do you struggle with your advertising/marketing company for your dealership pointing out the correct makes and models for vehicles in your ads? Or do they even understand automotive finance? Last question, do they even drive cars?

Let us help you sell more vehicles and market to your customer base in an all new way….efficiently! How do we do this? Let’s get started by filling out the form!