Bad Credit No Credit–Skip Third Party Leads

One of the biggest opportunities for today’s car dealers is to offer a “guaranteed credit program” to customers with challenged credit. The biggest mistake that I see is buying leads for these programs. There are a ton of third-party lead providers that deal in selling these leads supposedly on an “exclusive” basis. One effective tactic that we have found is setting up our own website focused on guaranteed credit programs and setting up a specific campaign just for these clients, almost like a second business. Everything from the very beginning focuses on one thing, credit approval and a new vehicle. Our finance programs that we are enrolled in to help those with challenged credit, report to the credit bureaus which is a huge offering over a “buy here pay here” dealer.

First thing we do is setup a simple website that is focused on doing two things; reaching credit challenged car buyers and capturing them as a lead. Often times this is the same exact thing that you are paying a third-party. Now, you aren’t disconnected from the customer and actually get to speak to them first hand. Third party lead providers often lure people in with big promises for $99/mo car payments and $0 down in their advertisements or websites, which we all know is hardly going to be the case for anyone buying a vehicle with bad credit. 

So let’s skip the drama, skip the third-party costs and get a campaign together today–Call 314.884.8556. We are market exclusive for each client that we partner with and that gives you a huge advantage over any other dealer.

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