Beacon Technology Represents Hyper-localized Targeting for Customers

On-the-spot targeting puts pertinent information in customers’ hands at the right time, right place

Last week discussed geo-fencing technology and how it can positively impact businesses by delivering specials and offers when they approach the business or even a competitor’s location. However, we can now take this a step further when talking about car dealerships and their customers with available beacons in location targeting technology.

With beacon technology, customers can receive important and relevant information to their smartphones when they approach a new vehicle in a showroom. Delivering information as soon as possible to the customer could help make or break a sale.

How beacon technology works

Similar to geo-fencing, beacons work with GPS signals, an app and Bluetooth. A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal communicates with smart devices in a micro-proximity. Customers who have GPS enabled and have downloaded a special app can receive information on the vehicle, special offers and more right to their smartphone.

FFS_MicroProximity_BLOG_IMGOne way to better explain the importance of beacon technology is offline-online-offline. First, a customer approaches a physical location. Then, a digital offer is made or digital information is presented to the customer. If all goes according to plan, the result should be an offline purchase, hopefully at the dealership that day.

Beacon technology manages to combine offline and online interactions, a concept businesses have strived for since the Internet became such a major part of commerce. It’s yet another way to customize content and gear it toward specific customers.

More than automotive potential

While beacon technology engages with customers in a dealership showroom, it’s not just the motorheads who can have all the fun. Beacon technology is a great way to boost business at grocery stores. With the micro-proximity, you can put a special on a particular item right in the hands of your customers to help influence the purchase. Then at the checkout counter, the phone can be scanned for the offer. This is a great example of the offline-online-offline model.

Retail stores, restaurants and amusement parks are other venues that can take advantage of beacon alerts. Malls are a great opportunity as well as you can ping someone who walks by a store that’s having a gigantic sale.

The beacon alerts are just another way businesses can utilize today’s emerging technology. While it is not a replacement for old-fashioned salespeople and associates, the tools of geo-fencing and beacon alerts can help bridge a gap in sales and customer retention.

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