Bidding, Continuity Brilliance, & Conversion: Video Ad Strategy for YouTube in 2024

One of the most rewarding spends on advertising for video that is growing every day is YouTube! With billions of users worldwide and many lucrative marketing tools, YouTube has a very useful organic side along with segment-leading display ad potential and retargeting options. The first step to enjoying success on YouTube is to ensure that your ads aren’t overlooked for someone else’s. Here is a practical guide on how to employ an effective strategy.

Is YouTube an Effective Way to Advertise?

YouTube now enjoys 2.1 billion users worldwide enriched in over $29 billion in ad revenues each year. 59% of yours find the advertisements on YouTube more relevant than those any streaming service or TV platform offered. Vertical videos are a trending format that allows users to skip the awkward phone rotation duty. These clips are reaching 10 to 20% more conversions when stacked up against traditional horizontal videos. One of the reasons why we wanted to crank out this blog is because so many companies are not utilizing YouTube correctly and missing out on the ability for very persuasive reach.

Types of YouTube Ads:

YouTube comes with several ad formats, allowing you to excel in the medium that your target audience engages with the most. Here are a few of the most viable types:

  • Display Ads: These ads are positioned above the video suggestions on the sidebar, directly next to the feature video. This Display Network goes far beyond just websites, as the ads can appear on videos and in apps as well.
  • TrueView Ads: When a user begins a search for specific content, these are displayed in their immediate results screen. Instream ads can be skipped after 5 seconds of viewing. Non-Skippable ads are limited to 15 seconds and must be completely viewed to proceed. Long, non-skippable ads take 30 (very precious!) seconds and must be watched in full. 
  • Overlay Ads are semi-transparent ads that are overlaid directly above video content, taking up around 20% of the space below your video. Viewers can click on them to close, with reactions ranging from conversion to mild annoyance; while they should be implemented with caution, they can prove to be effective.
  • Sponsored Cards: These ads have cards displaying relevant content and allow you to run ads teasing products coming soon without interruption. They usually are visible for a few very crucial seconds, then disappear. 
  • Video Discovery Ads: These ads appear in the YouTube search results and directly alongside related videos. The promo videos are listed directly at the top, also giving users the ability to hover over for a clear video preview.

How to Advertise on YouTube Effectively:

Just as it is with any thorough marketing task, advertising on YouTube requires hefty research, an intelligent approach, and in-depth results tracking. Here are some tactics to get in front of your desired audience and finalize where your ads should appear.

Identify Your Target Audience: Before you wholeheartedly begin your campaign, it’s best to have a deep understanding of your target audience. There has just been a recent update to Youtube’s audience insight tools, that allows the user to precisely define their target audience. This can allow you to choose precisely where your ads appear. With the demographics option, you can reach your audience based on age, gender, and the quite valuable “household income.” There are other valuable traits such as marital status, education status, parental status, and home ownership status. 

You can use the “Audience segments” feature to reach consumers by pinpointing their very specific behaviors. Segments can include valuable traits such as detailed demographics and affinities. Here lies the ability to pinpoint marital status, education status, home ownership details, and place of employment. Segmenting by in-market audiences allows you to plant yourself strategically in front of people who are searching for specific services. The “Your data and similar segments” feature allows you to complete very valuable remarketing to users who were on your URL but did not convert.

Choosing your Ad Types: Mixing up your YouTube ad formats is essential to be able to cater to different audiences and reach your profitability goals. Here are the different types and some of their valuable attributes.

TrueView ads are displayed on the same screen as user search content. It is composed of skippable and non-skippable options. 

Skippable TrueView ads:

  • Format: Viewers can skip these after 5 seconds
  • Advantages: Very ideal for longer content, as you must only pay if viewers watch beyond the first 5 seconds. This gives you a very valuable window to convey a detailed message.
  • Best for: This is excellent for building brand awareness, engagement, and communicating well through messages.

Non-Skippable TrueView ads: 

  • Format: Viewers are not able to skip the ad.
  • Advantages: These ads grab attention right away and ensure that your message is seen in its entirety. 
  • Best for: Messages on the shorter side, delivering true impact, and covering broader campaigns. 

Overlay Ads:

  • Format: Semi-transparent overlay situated on the lower half of any streaming video.
  • Advantages: Allows for distributing very interactive elements without compensating for continuity. 
  • Best For: Keeping a firm hold on engagement, solid calls to action

Overlay Image ads:

  • Format: Static image overlays are situated on the lower part of the video. 
  • Advantages: Overlay image ads are not too intrusive, yet still visually inspiring.
  • Ideal for: Displaying products, providing extra information, and all types of branding.

Creating Efficient Targeting and Bid Strategies

While you are first getting situated to strategize for an all-out campaign, it’s best to clearly define your goals. This is the time to decide whether you want to focus on inclusive brand awareness, generating quality leads, or sales. It is crucial to decide how long your ads will run and have the sometimes uncomfortable but very important budget conversation. The finer points of choosing your bid strategy is one thing we thrive on doing here at Farfetched Studios! This is the interval when you set the average financial amount that you want to pay for actions, clicks, and impressions.

Thumb-Stopping Content: How to Make Your YouTube Videos Irresistible

It is so important to connect with users emotionally while you are showcasing your brand during any type of video put up on YouTube. It’s great to tell a story about your business that has a huge emotional pull, letting people know about your values and not just how badly they need your product. During any narrative, promo video, or testimony, it’s important to highlight unique selling points so it’s simple to visualize how you stand out from the competition. 

Tactics that seem pushy never work during tough economic times, and it’s important to create a video that clearly depicts why what you’re offering is valuable. Your video needs to be responsive and optimized for smaller screens, as mobile devices accounted for 58% of global website traffic during the first quarter of 2023. If your goal is to drive traffic to a specific URL, make sure everyone includes very clear and click links in your video descriptions.

Once your ads are finalized, it’s time to upload your videos directly to your YouTube channel. If you are managing your campaigns within Google ads, the first thing you want to do is add your videos to your existing Google Ad Asset Library. This very cool centralized storage allows you to quickly locate and apply your assets across multiple campaigns. It is also good practice to avoid thumbnails that look anything like clickbait, as this is one of the most common frustrations audiences are now complaining about.

From Views to Value: Strategies to Supercharge Your Brand

YouTube ads are incredibly effective when it comes to quickly growing brand awareness and coming across quality leads. This is a platform that is the living and breathing definition of “not fully saturated” and remains one of the best media opportunities to use wisely. Contact us now if you have been wondering how to up your YouTube game: It’s a medium that can catapult any product or service briskly into a rewarding existence!

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