Black Friday, Bright Profits: Expert Marketing Ideas for 2023’s Impulse-Driven Shopping Event!

Many digital entities have been told repeatedly that having their Black Friday marketing in tip-top shape is essential for the rest of the fiscal year’s survival. Aside from being a day that has long been designated as one that is focused on premium discounts, it prepares any business for the flurry of Christmas shopping that follows. All of us here at Farfetched Studios know that Black Friday is a day that can make and break many.

Why is Black Friday Marketing So Important?

Since 2005, Black Friday has single-handedly been the busiest shopping day of the entire year in the United States. In 2022, there were a staggering 197 million American shoppers raiding shelves nationwide from Thanksgiving on up until Cyber Monday. On Black Friday alone last year, 87 million shoppers point and click their way through a barrage of Internet shopping. It is quite possible to have a strategy for Black Friday that is low budget, it just needs to go for the win with a very high impact.

Inbox Gold: Email and SMS Strategies that Convert:

Whether you are a larger brick-and-mortar operation or a smaller business, your Black Friday e-commerce strategy could probably use some serious fine-tuning. One of the most important things to remember is that at least the customer does not need a brand-specific campaign such as Christmas or Easter dictates. You can keep things very short and sweet with emails that have your branding and company name, a discount announcement, and an effective call to action.

Including SMS Marketing in your Black Friday campaign is sure to increase conversions and kick your bottom line into high gear. Here are some tips that will help you if this is foreign territory:

  • Make sure you are optimizing signup forms to accept mobile numbers;
  • Configure pop ups with worthwhile discounts to opt-in for future texts.
  • Configure SMS automation that confirms post-purchase, or if a cart is left unattended.
  • Personalize your SMS texts with information your subscribers find valuable.
  • Avoid being pushy: SMS messaging is already in a bit of a tight spot!
  • Try to be clear and concise instead of injecting humor. 
  • Include a way for readers to conveniently opt out if desired.

Using Email to Build Anticipation:

When it’s a week or two before your Black Friday event, it’s great to use email marketing to appropriately build suspense. Shoppers have already completed nearly half of their holiday shopping by the time Black Friday hits! This means that it is incredibly important to create a very conversion-oriented sales email. The Freshly startup proved to be an excellent example, as they crafted an excellent one last year. 

With a very attractive centered image of a delicious meal, they included a concise infographic below a promise to get $60 off. The CTA was in a very robust sync with the offer, and the sense of urgency was evident. There was also an effective amount of whitespace in the explanatory sections, which brought all stand-still attention to very clearly laid out marketing text. 

Retention Dimension: The Magnetic Pull of Free Gift Offers

Another very effective approach to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s full potential is to create an effective gift email. The common approach is to offer a free product after an in-store purchase at a set amount. Think of your action plan and exchange the discounts for a coupon code that grants the free item in question. Once things begin flying off the shelves, just make sure that you have allowed for a high enough bar for purchase amounts to avoid shedding too much inventory. 

Swipe, Like, Shop: Social Promotion Success

Social media platforms provide a very intense and adjustable means of mastering BFCM campaigning. We’re talking about thinking quite far outside of the box here, such as SaaS promotion methods inside a private Facebook group. A deal that “lasts a lifetime” holds quite a bit of value here, which the user can attain for as long as they want for a one-time price. Tasks such as posting GIFs, checking out the tool, and giving a thumbs up if you approve. The actions you are requesting are low commitment, yet fun, while use of emojis will keep things light and catchy to read.

Valuable Leads: Mastering the Popup Approach

Black Friday comes with a massively built-in and ready-to-roar audience who approach the gates quite hungrily! You can begin to build your target audience at least a month before, with the assistance of very calculated popups and detailed signup forms. Placing these responsive popups and forms on your most visited site is wise, as you can intrigue customers by filling them in on just a few key details. Once you have implemented a lead generation method that is working, half of your Black Friday battle has already been prepped for! 

Measurable Impact of Lead Nurturing:

While this entire event takes place in just under four days, many psychological aspects of the consumer will take place before it all begins! With Black Friday popups and subscription forms already collecting leads, it’s best to run weekly emails to these new signups so your brand remains relevant in their subconscious. Marketing platforms such as Sender provide a way to nurture these signups with a hassle-free layout and integration. Email automation and high-converting popups are accessible with just one easy click, and the pre-constructed layouts are incredibly effective.  

Time-Limited Temptation: The Psychology Behind Flash Deals

The fear of missing out is a very powerful psychological trigger, as urgency is one of the emotions always stirring the pot within the human psyche. A limited-time discount is always useful here, along with limited-subscriber efforts such as “first 100 buyers only.” Creating a sense of urgency is always effective, but here it needs to be stated that it’s important to have it be authentic, to not lose trust with your prospects over time. 

Every digital marketer’s dream is to successfully capitalize on the very driven flurry of purchase activity during Black Friday. These tips will allow you to feel as if you have a bit more control of an event that tends to hit quite fast and furious. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your sales and engage your audience: contact us today to turn Black Friday into a profitable powerhouse! 

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