Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing

By: W. Chan Kim & Renée 

Tough read, very strategic and analytical. Part of my issue was that I found this one difficult to get into by just reading 10 pages per day. I’d recommend reading whole chapters at a time just to get fully immersed in the topic. The book is good, finding a strategic pivot point from a blue ocean or a red ocean to establish a new market opportunity that is derived from people who would never use your product/service or finding a use for people that are not clearly in your targeted market to establish more growth is a very deep concept. I’d like to think every concept has a way to be applied for all businesses, this one is no different. How do you turn a user of public transit in a big city into a car buyer? How do you change a whiskey drinker into a scotch drinker? How do you convert a frequent flyer into an RV renter? Just another way to expand your market objectives and create more opportunity for growth. #blueoceanshift #agencylife #businessstrategy #growthmindset

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