Bravery Regarding Budgeting While Embracing Savvy Strategy: 4 Predictions for Digital Advertising in Q4

One of the most promising and reliable streams of advertising in the current market is selling advertising space for a frequently used platform. Industry giants such as Google, Twitter, and Tik Tok take in a very large amount of their overall revenue by these means, but lately there have been challenges regarding “guaranteed monthly home runs.” Things are now in a constant state of restructuring. The month of July saw a dip in advertising spending that affected corporations both large and small.

In a market experiencing its due amount of saturation, many digital advertising methods have risen in price just as food has at the grocery store. The well-oiled, yet still sometimes complex, traits of a free market are governed and won over repeatedly by the entities who can spend the most. The act of repetition allows your product to be viewed more frequently. Those searching for it ultimately spend based on revisiting their subconscious while realizing your product can solve one of their problems in life.

As this is one of the first times the digital market will undergo a “stress test” of sorts that may see some once quite popular entities struggling, here are some of the trends we think will dominate Q4 of 2022 here at Farfetched Studios:

Video Will Remain as Dominant and Relevant Medium:

Connected-video advertising has proven to be one of the most effective and profitable content avenues out there, with those viewing a message conveyed by video retaining a staggering 95% of the messages compared to those read on text. The average consumer spends around 100 minutes a day watching digital videos, and 92% watch a chosen form of digital video each week like clockwork.

One of the benchmark methods for success we use here is to use industry-specific tools to keep tabs on adjustments by competition, and when we see who is allocating advertising in certain domains, we go to work to create the best and most unique content possible. Most people prefer content that is not dry and want to see a story that appeals to their emotions, while also being able to access it easily on their mobile device. Your Call to Action should come across as an organic request instead of an aggressive command.

From Dazzling Divas to Everyday Neighborhood Stars: The Positive Impact of Influencers

Music, stand-up comedy, and social issues are topics that are at the top of digital video consumption lists, and influencers are a core component of quality material. By having an influencer promote visibility and accessibility, brands can successfully create and boost an entire lifestyle, drawing others into purchasing and thinking about doing so frequently. 76.6% of U.S. marketers will use Instagram as the platform of choice for social influencers, with Tik Tok climbing the ranks at lightning-fast speed.

After meticulously doing the research, we have found that authentic influencers with under 15,000 followers boast some of the highest engagement rates on all platforms, along with the benefit of a lower cost. Consider what kind of payment structure is the most sensible for your goals, and it’s always important to realize that increasing your brand’s awareness and product consideration is well worth it. The FTC can take disclosure quite seriously, and the use of influencers requires that they identify who their posts are ultimately sponsored by.

Streaming Services Will Reside as King of the Hill for Viable Investment

The beginning of the pandemic officially marked massive growth for the streaming market, and will most certainly grow even more over the next decade. What began as a medium to check out a few head-turning favorites in real-time while other DVDs were coming to you through the mail developed into numerous choices with more content options than ever before, and have edged their way into every household via smart TVs and handheld devices. In 2021, 78% of consumers enjoyed entertainment from a streaming service, and there is now truly something for those who are looking for genres ranging from full-on action to documentaries and dramas.

Streaming platforms provide an excellent opportunity to pair a brand with content that is appealing to the individual and replicates the ability to do so time after time. From forensic shows to episodes geared for outdoorsy types and pet lovers, it is difficult for opportunities to win new followers to become too oversaturated. Judging by the amount of brand-new programming we have seen on Netflix and Amazon Prime alone this year; we now can safely say that a digital marketer could pursue anything from hairstyling products to grief counseling and do quite well while you’re at it.

Personal Messaging Will Grow as Sorting Data Becomes Streamlined

There are now many ways we can access to sort and format data that will allow for better connections in brands to access with technology that can dig deep enough to track habits. When currently available AI options become even more advanced, it will be even easier to create digital consumer profiles that will say quite a bit about predictive behavior and positive buying triggers. A fully informed AI application will be able to manage digital profiles so effectively that it will make dissecting simple debit card purchases seem outdated, and times of the year such as holidays will be incredibly lucrative in different new ways for advertisers.

This type of ingenious application will be able to provide many ways that target customers who have shown great interest in similar products on a URL and even offer discounts based on their preferences. There will also be opportunities to increase conversion rates even when there is minimal historical data to compare against and make changes on performing pieces based on real-time consumer feedback while constantly working to optimize results.

We have been watching the rate at which things have been moving as of late and can attest that advances in technology will now be capable of more fine-tuning for outreach than ever before. We can always be of assistance here at Farfetched Studios when it’s time to let new tactics slowly take the reins of your strategy, and take advantage of numerous opportunities to optimize the probing of the “purchase-driven mind!”