Businesses Can Find Positive Results with Proper Social Media Strategy

Studies, first-hand experience find that social media can help drive sales if used properly

This may come as a “no duh” moment, but social media can become an integral part of your company’s business’ marketing strategy. However, when used properly, social media have been seen as ways to boost sales and better customer interaction according to an article by AdAge.

Your business’ image and use of social media can, in fact, affect your sales numbers. Findings from Shawn O’Neal, vice president of marketing analytics for Unilever, indicated that social do increase sales. For a major company such as Unilever which sells products in stores all over the world, the strategy for social media would be very different than a local salon.

FFS_SOCIAL)BLOGIMG_SEP15For larger corporations, social media can be a means of communication between customers and the company. While a large firm such as Unilever may not be able to answer every complaint from every customer, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can be a good form of answering questions and listening to comments in a more concise and quick manner.

But what about smaller or independent companies that don’t sell all over the world? How should they use social media? Believe it or not, the strategy isn’t too much different than what billion-dollar corporations would use it for.

Let’s take the example of a local salon versus Unilever. Unilever uses social media to help drive sales, answer customer questions and promote the brand. While a local salon or barber shop may use the same strategy, they can take it a step further by holding contests, promoting discounts or specials and taking photos of people after a great haircut. They could also use Instagram to encourage people to take selfies using their products to help drive positive awareness of the salon.

The same concepts could apply to any industry: automotive, banking, construction, culinary and more! Taking tips and cues from what major corporations are doing right on social media can help drive your company’s sales as well. Is your national car brand changing up social creative for this month’s deals? Maybe it is time to re-examine creative for your local dealership as well. Posting photos of happy customers who have bought new cars and trucks will not only boost the positive sides of your dealer but also puts “Hey, I want to be that happy with my new car purchase too!” in the heads of potential customers.

Whatever your business serves, your social media presence needs to be part of your marketing strategy. For an evaluation of your current social media or for social media packages, contact Farfetched Studios today!