Call Tracking-More than just numbers

When most companies sign up for a call tracking service the initial goal is for them to see how much response they are getting from different advertisements or lead sources. The mistake that is made is also in the presentation, once the client is sold on the lead tracking aspect the rest of the value that call tracking brings is forgotten.

The more valuable attribute of call tracking is the ability to listen to calls and analyze the way each call is being handled. This gives you the ability to see who is getting the calls, how effective they are at Sales/Customer Service and also decide who needs more Sales training. The listening feature is great for saving a customer that you might not be aware of their dissatisfaction with your product or service. Calls show the incoming phone number so you can easily call the customer back or even look them up in your customer database to have a more complete background of their purchase history.

Finally, missed calls alerts have instilled more value in call tracking numbers. Every phone call that is missed will send an email immediately to all managers to follow and use that info for adjusting Sales staff scheduling. If the Sales staff scheduling doesn’t appear to be he reason for the missed cals then it can trigger improvements in phone up processes so no phone call goes unanswered during business hours.

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