Can’t Hurt Me

By: David Goggins

A unique read. Mental strength is a tough obstacle for many. If you struggle with mental discipline, going the extra mile and digging deep to give everything your best then this book will give you some inspiration. It’s sometimes hard to think past the struggles or frustrations of life or work, but mental toughness can help you hurdle that obstacle that is creating a mental block and making you say “I can’t do it.”

#DavidGoggins has went through far more traumatic of a life than I will most likely ever experience, none of it has held him back. I got to say that I was never the A student (or B student for that matter), my ADD has been undiagnosed but I’ve become more conscious of it as I’ve matured (I mean that term loosely) and I’ve created my own tricks to get my mind back in focus. Everyone struggles with something that they have deemed to hold them back, but you just need to pinpoint that limitation to unlock the way past your sticking point. Take the time to read this one, the best part of the book is that it will engage you while teaching you so it will read pretty quickly. Btw, I was never a big reader and I’m not very good at reading as well as immediately absorbing. My mind trails off to think about my daily list, the next big idea or the weather outside but I’ve managed to reel my focus back in to make reading part of my everyday life. #challengeyourself #nolimitations #canthurtme #canthurtme #bestbooksof2019

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