SEO and Content Specialist

Farfetched Studios needs the right person with the knowledge and capability to drive organic traffic and growth for our clients. We have clients eager to add search engine optimization and content creation from us to fuel their website traffic. We need that right person, the one that looks for the next tweak of a clients’ website to make it attract new customers like puppies to peanut butter. The position is for a very experienced individual with the ability to strategize, execute and analyze client accounts. The ability to utilize data points to give a guaranteed result of increased relevant organic traffic and a strategy that is proven. This candidate will essentially be in charge of growing this department and eventually manage their own team of SEO specialists.

5 years experience is preferred.

If this position sounds like a perfect fit for you, please fill out the form and we will reach out to you regarding your Resume and setting up an interview time! We look forward to hearing from you and growing together!

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