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Learn More: Automotive Inventory Ads

Dynamic Inventory ads Optimized for In-Market Targeting based on a Vehicle. Automotive Inventory ads utilize your current vehicle catalog, Facebook Pixel and your user engagement data across Facebook to show specific ads to in-market customers like recent shoppers on your website, app and marketplace visitors. These new ads allow manufacturers and dealerships to upload the

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YouTube Dominates Google’s Top Rankings for Source of Video

Perficient Digital finds 83% of Videos in Search Results Carousel are from YouTube. Many believe that Google favors it’s YouTube content before other video sites in their search results. The Wall Street Journal ran an analysis in July, 2020 and found “Google searches placed YouTube videos first in video carousel results by an overwhelming margin…

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How The BERT Algorithm in Google’s Search Impacts Your Brand’s Visibility

As it so happens within the digital realm, things change daily, and there are scores of new trends to stay current on as a provider of digital marketing services. Google has recently stated that it’s most recent search update, the addition of the BERT algorithm will lead to a deeper understanding of queries, ultimately driving

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