A Google Podcast’s Algorithmic Alchemy: Updated Ranking Insights

Sometimes when you want the best information out there about updates to the world’s most popular search engine, it’s best to go directly to the source itself! The most recent episode of Google’s “Search Off the Record” podcast features expert Danny Sullivan, as he enthusiastically pulls up a chair to discuss a topic very relevant

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Google Rolls Out Classifier Improvement, Lingual Diversity

The digital marketing entities of today that pride themselves on securing clients and promoting brand awareness are rightfully obsessed with SEO. Top ranking seems like everything these days, and when paired with an eye-popping and engrossing user experience, allows sales to roll in frequently. The Search Engine Journal has confirmed that Google rolled out yet

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Programmatic Advertising Strengthens Automotive Data Display Ads

Dual layered-targeting makes inventory easier to access online for potential customers One of our goals at Farfetched Studios is to place advertisements in front of those who are prospective customers. We accomplish this through our advanced dual-layer targeting strategy. We work closer with car dealerships, and nearly eight out of every 10 people will do

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