Just a click! The Digital Journey From Devices to Conversions

Native ads become more prevalent with Google’s automation between brands and publishers

If you run a business with ecommerce attributes, than your conversion tracking and data are important. However, one problem that some companies encounter with their advertising campaigns is that they are not 100 percent sure where the ad was seen and if they made a purchase on another device when they saw the ad.

Google has managed to measure cross-device conversion through AdWords a couple of years ago on its own sites, and now the search engine titan adds other sites to its mix as well — including mobile sites.

Marketing agencies such as Farfetched Studios LLC and their clients now have a better idea of whether or not their display or search ads on one device led to the desired conversion on the other. Though this process is not perfect, it is improving.

“Instead of knowing whether any and every ad it serves led to a purchase, download or other conversion, Google will take the aggregated and anonymized data it has on people who are signed into Google and extrapolate it to cover the ads it serves to people who aren’t signed in,” Tim Peterson wrote in an AdAge article.

Why Ad Location Matters

FFS_BLOGIMG_JUNE15The trail of potential customer to conversion is not always the same. Just because someone sees an ad on his or her phone doesn’t mean they’ll register a conversion with their smartphone or tablet. Perhaps the ad is seen on a tablet; then, the soon-to-be customer converts on their desktop or laptop. Whether your conversion is a form submission or a purchase, figuring out which ads helped lead to the conversion is essential.

Google is also making it easier for any brand and publishers to incorporate native ads into their strategy. These native ads look more like original content on the site instead of a box that sticks out like a sore thumb. One example is an ad that looks like an article in a newsfeed as opposed to a display ad on the side.

Google works with these brands and publishers to ensure that the brand’s images, etc. can be plugged into the publisher’s site at a moment’s notice, similar to programmatic buying.

With all these new ad features, developments and technology, we understand if it can be time-consuming or even confusing. Farfetched Studios has the experts and skills to turn your advertising strategy into one that makes good on ROI and brings more conversions. Contact us today to get started on transforming your marketing strategy!

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