The Disruption of Deep Rooted Habit: Auto Dealers Now Shifting to Digital Domain

As many generations of hard-working men and women began to prosper and branch out to enjoy the better things in life, the process of buying a new car was one of the household tasks that remained for the most part the same over the years. Even with the internet becoming much faster and more accessible during the mid-2000s, the flowchart for a standard transaction was not altered much, and daily operations for many still were based upon in-person transactions.

Then during March of 2020, One of the most unprecedented health and safety events of all time shut down businesses and rendered millions of consumers committed to basically stay inside until further notice, on all fronts. Operations in finance, sales, and repair saw a dramatic increase in layoffs and shift to processes that existed with the massive aid of technology. Video connection platform connections such as Zoom encountered a staggering new amount of demand, as meetings and reviews were literally forbidden in person.

Many technology solutions that were once out of the spotlight, while honed and ready to be used, were revitalized quickly to help usher in a new type of transaction. The “Dealer Inspire” platform was one that had to adjust rapidly to the current needs of car dealers, and they ended up producing over 1,000 unique videos for dealers’ individual needs. Virtual financing had already been available through numerous channels, but now they needed to rise to the task, and on the double! 

To assure that the experience of buying is properly enhanced to meet the demands of the current landscape several areas need to be taken care of in the digital realm:

  • A better and more concise experience on a website
  • Improvements in digital retail and the product message
  • Providing a completely interactive consumer experience
  • Solutions for managing inventory
  • Consistently looking ahead to be “future proof”

The Dire Importance of Video Strategy:

Since COVID changed things so drastically for so many different types of businesses nearly overnight, the medium of video has gone from a communication type waiting for action as far as car sales to a very viable platform. The goal is to showcase vehicles in a manner that allows customers a close-up look, and communicate with prospective buyers via remote location as much as possible during the transaction.

Video is where the biggest demand arose, as customers wanted to get a feel for not just the inventory, but the staff helping them to complete their transaction. Since we are now situated in times where people feel safest inside, well-produced and savvy videos depicting various features and trim levels are more useful than ever. This is the medium that tells a story best while holding dire attention and provides a crystal-clear portrayal of advertised vehicle stock.