Creating Content with Confidence Behind the Lens: How Video Will Become Integral in the Coming Days

Since the world encountered such a very drastic change over the past quarter and many were suddenly confined to their homes, studies showed that an astonishing 80% of consumers have quickly devoured more content than ever before. Video is what they are mostly after, and within two years 82% of content creation will be video. By the end of this year, the average consumer will watch 100 minutes of video content per day.


There is now an abundance of opportunity to make video your primary means of engaging your customer base, communication, and retention while the world waits patiently to fully re-emerge. A few key points gleaned from the experts at Forbes magazine caught our attention over the past week as we investigated various avenues of upping marketing strategy and efficiency.


Set Goals with Vigor:


While Video is most definitely the best way to stoke your potential customers’ senses and get them excited, it doesn’t mean that every time you throw a camera in front of a subject you will obtain your optimum return on investment! One particularly important study revealed that nearly HALF of media teams have abandoned a video campaign when they were halfway to the finish line this year.


The reason why this is happening to so many is that before they began, they did not envision their goal with utmost clarity. Some of the best motives right now would be to retain your current customer base, share info about how your entity is changing to be better during the current virus pandemic, or just looking for the new engagement to interest a prospect.


Sticking to Concise Purpose:


Part of the problem is that many companies attempting to restructure and appeal to everyone stuck at home is that the average consumer is completely bombarded with content. Every single company that already has any type of viable presence out there right now is trying to scream the message that they are doing their best to keep their product and employees 100% safe.


Since so many companies are now having to convince their customers that they “care about you now”, it is more important than ever to have a true purpose to your outbound communication. If the content you are creating is serving you and not your customer, it just gets under their skin like an advertisement for life insurance that is supposedly heartfelt.




How True Authenticity Shines:


Video is now in a category where it is the most likely content to go viral. Experts like us here at Farfetched Studios have a well-trained knack for figuring out what type of content will work to be authentic for your specific brand. If you can tug on a viewer’s heartstrings in any way and get them thinking about your product as something that they want badly in their life, you have more than likely won the battle of creating outstanding video.


It is never surprising to hear that a company is going through setbacks, and you may have had to make the decision of cutting the amount you spend on marketing. If you happen to really be struggling intensely, you can film ideas on your phone with real everyday people and see if your close friends and family have a positive reaction to your newly created content.


The Importance of Mobile:


During a period where more people worldwide had to stay home than at any time in history, some 55% of people were getting their news from their mobile phones. Many professionals tend to complete their important daily work on the computer, and then kick back and look at social networks and personal searches on their phone. With that in mind, it is important to make sure your video content meshes well with mobile.


During times of trouble, as opposed to the hard sell, what people are looking for in a great video is support and information. The issue at hand is that it must be done in a way that is authentic, and this is when you may have to incorporate some most definite trial and error along the way on your journey. If your videos can accomplish this in a way that is unique to you, your company will surely be on the way to future success and a flourishing presence!

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