Crucial Advertising Study Shows now how Print is Still Vital and Relevant

During the early 1980s, it was obvious just how television was becoming the predominant media source, as cable TV subscription levels exploded. Not as many opted for using newspapers and magazines as their information source, but before the internet became high-speed there was a minor catch: you still had to wait for the time slot where your favorite program or news was scheduled. At this point, many were still enjoying the morning ritual of reading the paper, and ad spots were not flourishing AS much, but still generating sizable revenue.

During 2002 some of the most memorable layoff batches began for seasoned columnists in skyscrapers housing greats such as The New York Times and The Denver Post. There was a sense of prolonged dread as many talented contributors lost their jobs due to high-speed internet: some of the very best were being kept, but the fact that readers could now pick and choose what and when they saw the news, many skilled reporters became extinct (and afraid) overnight. As our primary interests revolve around putting together the most comprehensive and successful digital marketing plan for your business here at FarFetched Studios, we are always paying attention to how print media is faring.

Blogs, PPC campaigns, and social media are the fundamentals we now look towards for success, and we are also certain that massive developments in technology such as the addition of the Metaverse are going to shake things up quite drastically. Users will be able to make purchases in the real world and then use them in a parallel reality that requires souped-up VR goggles to enjoy. Things will begin to move at such a breakneck pace that planning will change constantly, as well as fractional spending and where to direct the most valuable attention.

Just as many individuals we look to for advice were recommending to pay close attention to just how virtual reality is going to affect the advertising game, the Moonshot blog published a very interesting study regarding the existence of print media. Amazingly enough, the return of investment on print advertising still works for media companies, advertisers, and their broad audience share. The International News Media Association was the provider of the study, and their recent findings have shown it is still important and relevant to remember that print continues to offer solutions that simply don’t exist within the digital space. 

One of the most notable findings is that print now comprises 89% of newspaper revenue in Germany and pulls in 64% of revenue in Brazil. Just at a time when many would think that things are the exact opposite, global advertising spending in print newspapers increased by 4.8% last year. That may not sound like much, but consider how many times you have headed in the direction of Facebook or Instagram while searching for product information, and especially sought-after videos on YouTube. 

We plan to make sure that your business is visible, attractive, viable, and profitable. There may have been an incredibly valuable source that you overlooked while planning your strategy, and we can help find the right one for you! There is a rare breed of impulse buying that has its deep-seeded origins in print media: it still does not bear resemblance to an outdated transistor radio from the past. We will assure that your digital spend efforts are maximized, visibility is off the charts, and customers are talking about and recommending your product after successful use!

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