Crushing A Time-Sensitive Product Campaign: PPC Advertising 101

No matter what type of product or service you offer, mastering the art of search ads allows you to reach interested individuals at a fair price. Pay-per-click advertising is a medium that is rapidly changing, and one that can be a bit expensive during the learning curve.

When customers get online, some know exactly what they are looking for, some are just there to get a quick news update, and some are there to engage socially. What are the best and most efficient ways to reach these individuals with disposable income?

PPC Advertising Basics:

PPC advertising exists on most search engines, but Google is the dominant site. Some of the most important information in PPC advertising is search and display advertising. Search ads hone in and target the moment when a user enters a query using keywords that are a match with the ones you select as part of your campaign. When a user clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee and the user is provided with contact information to learn more about what you are offering.

Display ads appear on URLs and allow the domain owner to collect a fee each time that a user engages with the advertisement. Facebook reigns as champion when it comes to the PPC option for advertising and provides a way for the advertiser to provide image ads and quickly discover new demographics for your product. All of us here at Farfetched Studios know just how rapidly trends change, and are always prepared to offer you time-proven advice about when and where to execute your campaign.

Navigating the Knowledge Regarding Spend:

Traditional television ad spots have offered set fees based upon selected programming, length of content, and many other variable factors. When you engage in a PPC ad set, you are able to choose where you want the ad shown, but some audiences are going to cost more than others. There is no way around certain keywords commanding an incredibly high price, such as legal services and the legalized gambling market.

Bounce Rates:

Bounce rates have always been scrutinized closely, as they show exactly how long a visitor spent looking at what you have to offer. One of the ways we service our clients is by closely studying logical ad groups, and the different ways keywords can be organized for getting the best value for your budget expenditure.

Always be Tracking The Data:
Google Analytics is a great place to start for anyone wanting to see how their overall campaign has fared. Beginning with the all-important clicks and impressions, we focus on getting you the best results for your budget while keeping an eye on where the traffic originates, hovers, and ultimately converts.

Doling Out Keyword-Detective Mode:

You can pick out keywords that have a high search volume, but the conversion metrics don’t always work out in your favor. Some keywords are so expensive that using them in large metro areas may see your placement on a page where users have already lost interest. If you are offering products that appeal to any type of niche, using that to your advantage during keyword selection is very beneficial.

Steering Clear Of The Penalty Box:

After guiding many clients to success, we have learned all about algorithms and the way they rank you. If you want to use keywords that have a high appeal, rest assured that other advertisers are spending time devising the same strategy. One of the most important meetings we will have with you is the time we spend together outlining your keyword and social media campaign. Over time, we have sat down with clients and helped them advance their dream to a fully-developed and ROI-positive entity. Contact us today to start achieving your goals and enjoying success!