Crushing Facebook and Instagram Stories For Branding

It is no secret that Facebook and Instagram have both been huge winners in the social media realm. The stories feature on both platforms allow you as a brand to emulate the human touch, which is what ultimately builds trust. Here at FarFetched Studios, we know how stories can help you, and we have an exclusive list of storytelling pointers that win over consumers organically and effectively.

Don’t Lose Your Human Touch: One of the most beneficial aspects of the stories feature is the ability to appear personable and friendly rather than businesslike and stuffy. We can assist you with the means to appear more human and still produce valuable content, and portray yourself as everyday people with an accessible presence.

Properly Using The Shopping Feature: Instagram is a plentiful source of savvy consumers, all with the ability to be won over by captivating and industry-relevant images. The shopping feature on Instagram actually allows for the audience to check out product details and pricing and then reroutes them to the page where they can purchase. This is where the need for more aggressive marketing is evident, and since the stories disappear in one day, it is also the ideal place to feature monthly promotions.

Authoring Stories That Build a Bond: The events of the last year have definitely made customers gravitate strongly towards fun and playful content, since lockdowns have forced users into a “serious and worried” mode for some time. We can assist you in using the story feature to stir more interaction on your pages and portray you and your staff in an approachable and neighborly way.

Paid Advertising To Fan The Friendly Fire: Once our dynamic team has provided you with a winning story that will yield positive results and tell customers more about you and your brand, why stop there? It’s always an option to use paid advertising to reach others that are looking for aligned content relevant to your brand, and then see a reach longer than the standard 24 hours that stories allow.

Polls and Interaction For Audience Participation: Stories now incorporate features that allow the use of tools to gain a better understanding of followers’ preferences. Quizzes and surveys appeal to the individual out there browsing the web that has time on their hands, and therefore is willing to offer up their thoughts. This works particularly well in industries such as insurance and streaming media channel favorites.

Giving Influencers The Reins: With stories, what starts as just one interaction quickly becomes a relevant and directed flow of content. Think again if you consider influencers most relevant only for food and fashion: they provide an excellent way to connect with everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to consulting and tutoring businesses as well.

Offer a Candid View of Your Culture: Stories are a great way to show everyone a snapshot of what it’s like to be at your company. It can be introducing your most recent office hire to offering up a fresh view of the customer service professional on deck, and the live stream feature can even be used to begin a company show with informative updates and product information.

Successful media strategy begins with a determined vision, and the ability to be thoroughly versatile. At FarFetched Studios, we will carefully work on a strategy to assure your success and tell engrossing stories. With our expertise and guidance, we can create material for you that is rich with compelling reasons why YOU stand out!