Custom Conversion Events and Other Tips for Campaign Growth: Strategies to Succeed in Today’s PPC Landscape

PPC advertising has provided businesses with the useful opportunity to choose their own keywords, use vast amounts of data, and hone in to target your audience. At Farfetched Studios, we have devised some PPC strategies of our own that allow us to provide a consistently winning strategy for you to promote products, services, and portals for purchase! Here are just some of our findings:

Broad Matching Within Your Audience: Google’s decision to eliminate modified broad was based on their findings that broad match is now more effective at driving momentum and performance. Many knowledgeable voices within the PPC community did not agree and pointed out that broad match can pose the need for a higher investment. We have found that you can provide instructions for your ad to show for any search that has a contextual match to your broad match keyword, but only if it originates from a user in your targeted audience or demographic. This way, you are at least presenting your offerings to the right person and gaining exposure for your brand. Some of the keywords that come to mind first will be pricey, and this strategy can also lead you to new keywords altogether.

Unleashing YouTube Studio: When you take a close look at what YouTube studio can do for you in conjunction with a Google Ads account, there are many ways to simplify video ad optimization. We can assist you with using the External Sources report to identify sources outside of YouTube that are already interested, and build custom audiences to target during a Discovery campaign. There is a report embedded here to utilize “Key Moments” that will pinpoint to the second during your video when viewers dropped off, which can help with your production elements, costumes, and way in which you keep your continuity and strength of value proposition flowing.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence As a Keyword-Creation Hack: Microsoft Advertising Intelligence can clue you into keywords for your PPC model that you may have once ignored. With granular traffic, you are provided the number of keywords that had a certain search within 30 days, and can even narrow it down further to age and gender. This is another great way to see which keywords appear more on different search engines and plug words into Google’s keyword planner as you learn.

Utilizing Display Ads For Ideal Traffic Sources: When you use display ads, Google Analytics can show you which users return to your site and finally convert, whether it’s leaving their contact info, officially signing up, or purchasing a product. These audiences can then be applied in observation mode to see what users are searching for specifically after they view your display ads.

The Priority Status of First-Party Data: Facebook’s lead ad instant form allows you to select fields based on the information the user has chosen to make public in their profile. You can also choose to just use the email they provided to capture more leads for an email list, nurturing the contact and building a relationship while educating them about your product line and its updates. After the visitor has a bit more trust, they will be more likely to fill out forms that allow for more valuable data collection.

LinkedIn’s B2B Potential: This tool has been around for years now, and allows you to capture your own first-party intent data to create a well-planned B2B PPC element. You can check out how long an individual has been with a company and use these insights for pricing and topic selection for banners or email updates.

These are some of the savviest ways to use tools that have been around for some time. Our experienced team here at Farfetched Studios can create a PPC campaign that will propel your business further towards success. Once you have decided which direction you are headed in, we can gain information about your target customers, and what tones they prefer in ads. The competition along the digital highway is notably fierce, but there are valuable advantages that abound from consistent and tenacious monitoring of these tools!