Customer-Centric Marketing: 5 Ways to Engage Customers in 2021

The turn of the year for online advertisers marks a new starting line and a welcome restart after navigating the ups and downs through 2020 and it’s holiday season. Many are adapting a new mindset and looking for new strategies in 2021, or returning to strategies that have always produced.

Even with all the new adaptations by marketers, one thing will always remain a top focus and that is the customers’ experience stays simple and enjoyable. There are five key ways to ensure this within your marketing campaigns:

1. Customize Ads by Placement
2. Target Mobile Users
3. Utilize Audiences to Customize Experience
4. Target Customers Across Multiple Platforms
5. Give Customers All the Information Needed

Online presence should be seamless to the customer with a direct simple message that makes their lives easier. The easier the message and process is to understand, the more likely the customer is to purchase and in turn lead to bigger profits.

Customize Ads By Placement
Customers are not going to want to click on unattractive and illegible ads. Most companies at this point have come to utilize the internet for sales and marketing to reach their customers, so when a customer is presented an unprofessional ad it raises a red flag. Most platforms have made it relatively easy to get your ad campaigns running across the net by using a singular ad, and therein lies the problem.

This may seem like the easiest way to create ads, but it opens up your campaigns to potential unfavorable outcomes. As an example, take a look at Devices. Based upon which device the customer is using, an image ad could look very large or very small. The only solution is to implement multiple ad sizes to guarantee visibility. But with how easy it is to create a single ad after selecting an image and hitting “go”, many have forgone the final previews as to how their newly created ad will display across the web in various sizes. Utilizing this preview function allows you to customize individual ads and cater them to each customer’s preferred device.

Target Mobile Users
As digital marketers, Farfetched Studios spends most of the day in front of computers, but many people do not. For some customers, mobile is their only connection to the web. To put it into perspective, 79.9% of Facebook users access the social platform only from mobile and 61% of organic searches on Google are from mobile devices.

Those numbers are pretty staggering and should convince any marketer that mobile is as important as desktop, if not more. After learning about customizing ads for placements and devices, there are two areas of mobile optimization that need to be addressed in turn; website experience and speed.

Website Experience
Most marketers often find themselves optimizing the user experience on their website but neglect the mobile side. Whether the website is responsive or has a custom mobile experience, marketers must take the time to visit the site and ask a few simple questions:

• Is the website easy to interact with?
• Are customers able to click on everything that is needed?
• Is everything legible and spaced correctly?
• Is all the information present?
• Do all interactive portions on the website function properly?
• Are there pop-ups or ads that cause an issue?

If any of these questions raise alarm, there is room for improvement and should be addressed accordingly.

Page Speed
Mobile device users will connect either to Wi-Fi or on their respective networks to visit a website. Without fail, one of those courses will be slower than the other and mobile device users are focused on instant gratification or they are in a hurry. This slow speed leads to bounces before pages finish loading, which in terms of PPC, means money wasted.

Farfetched Studios recommends using Google’s Page Speed insight tool and make the suggested changes to your mobile page to lighten its load and get it moving faster.

Utilize Audiences to Customize Experience
Everyone has been served ads that aren’t applicable to them since they have already made a purchase or don’t favor the company that is being advertised. Likely, most advertisers are doing the same thing to their targeted audience. There are multiple ways to segment audiences to create more meaningful remarketing. Whether it is creating a list of previous customers, excluding users who have bounce tendencies, or customizing ad message to someone who added a product to their cart but did not purchase.

The amount of control marketers can take with audience creation is quite astonishing, and it’s troubling to see marketers not take full advantage of this.

Target Multiple Platforms
Most customers do not spend all their time on one network. Being able to find your target audience is best accomplished when the marketing message can be seen across multiple environments.

To increase your reach and potential customer base, Farfetched Studios recommends using more platforms. In example, you can target college age users for a first time car buyers type campaign. This audience has a higher user rate on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube and can be targeted accordingly by platform.

Each channel plays it’s individual part in delivering the campaign’s message, but none of them are capable of 100% reach. Without using multi-channel strategy, marketers could easily miss out on a large portion of their customer base. Make sure to leverage additional channels to make sure you’re reaching everyone while leaving room for testing, optimizing and maximizing reach.

Give Your Customers What They Need
The last customer-centric tactic to focus on in this new year is telling your customer exactly what they want to know.

Use your website to tell your customers exactly what you do and why you are the best at it. There is no need to overload the user with technical jargon, but it is important to deliver clear effective marketing copy that you are the experts for a reason.

Consumers are 131% more likely to buy after they’ve read a piece of educational content. This is more than enough reason to get a marketer to reinvest in their own content.

If customers are able to learn something, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you later on. This may not lead to direct sales, but it grows a more educated customer base that will remember you for teaching them what they need to know when it comes time to purchase.

2021 is the Year of the Customer
Farfetched Studios is dedicated to make 2021 the year of better user experience for potential customers. We can help you deliver legible ads, enjoyable website experience from any device, and provide the important information that customers are seeking.