Data Integration Key to Ad Agency Survival in Mobile Age

Finding relevant ways to engage with consumers now important part of insights in clients’ media presence

Adapt to survive — it’s a cliche, but it definitely holds true in the mobile age’s marketing realm. When a client realizes that mobile apps or ads are more effective at gaining conversions than desktop ads or radio spots, that client will naturally want to shift their focus to what works.

FFS_ValuableData_BLOG_IMGIn turn, this keeps an advertising agency on its heels. Instead of an ad agency specializing in just traditional media ads while another deals with only the digital portion, successful ad agencies are honing skills in all facets of advertising. It’s a way for not only the agency to survive but also for the agencies’ businesses to thrive.

With more and more potential customers using mobile devices than desktops, mobile is not just another medium of advertising — it’s becoming the medium for many businesses or at least the first option.

Staying on top of the latest advancements in advertising technology is what Farfetched Studios is all about. If your business is looking to stand out from the crowd on both mobile and desktop but also gain an edge in traditional media, we’re your answer!

Media planning is a service that Farfetched Studios also offers. Insight into HOW adds attract customers, what works and what doesn’t and if any ads will appeal to other demographics helps us plan accordingly to save you money (and make you money).

“Leading agencies are increasingly gaining insight into all the publishers — not just run of network — and the types of audiences each has,” Leo Giel wrote in an AdAge article. “They’re understanding purchase value, lifetime value and a broad range of engagement metrics in order to qualify the value of specific customers.”

What Farfetched Studios can do with this precious data is use it to our and your advantage. Specific email campaigns, better retargeting on desktop and mobile devices and direct mail can all work synchronously to better drive sales.

If you want to better utilize your marketing data in the mobile age, contact Farfetched Studios today for an evaluation of your current strategies and how we can help you gain the edge and stand out from the competition!