There are two scenarios; Your Company has a huge database of loyal customers that may or may not get marketed to effectively, OR…..Your Company just started and you have to make your database grow to create a long standing business.

The solution, Farfetched Studios LLC. We don’t just end emails; we strategize and execute communication with your customers. The easiest tool in a company’s marketing arsenal is their loyal customers, the people that have become fans and if done right, the “Forever Customer.” One of the most successful ways to grow is to keep each customer coming back every time they are ready to make a purchase, investment or even when they think to refer a friend.  Farfetched Studios LLC can help you accomplish this by creating a follow-up program for new customers, old customers and referrals. We make you the expert that the customer wants to talk to every time they have a decision to make that relates to what your company sells or provides. Special Offers, Loyalty Events, Industry News or even just checking in to see if the customer was satisfied with their last visit.

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