Destination Successful Digital Summer: Common Content Marketing Errors To Avoid

Even when your business is thriving, constantly creating fresh content for your website, blog, and social media pages are ways to keep your audience engaged. However, it is very easy to make mistakes, and some of them can temporarily hinder the success of even the most successful businesses.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes we try to avoid at Farfetched Studios that can help us put our expertise to work.

Content That Isn’t Top-Tier:

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is to use content that is not clear, concise, or has no purpose. When many companies first realize that using SEO and keywords can boost Google placement, they mistakenly join the ranks of those blindly stabbing at a digital presence by using quantity instead of quality. For example, list articles work, such as “5 Reasons You Really Need a Vacation”, but there are certain types of content that rely on a tabloid-driven theme, and narratives that seem to go nowhere simply don’t resonate well with potential buyers.

The Catch-22 Of Clickbait:

Clickbait may be a free membership, answers to a burning question, or any other myriad of promises. “Promises” is the word you really want to think about here. Once the reader feels as if they wasted time and they have not been given what was promised, your brand does not provide any value. A consumer who has had a bad experience is more likely to share or post that experience than a consumer who had a good experience.

Wandering Through A Widespread Target:

The research we can provide for you before you even get up and running is a massive help. Your efforts will pay off when you know exactly who you are trying to reach and the topics that pique their interest. One reason that content marketers make this mistake is that they assume that all of the consumers out there in the pond are searching for completely new consumer experiences, when in fact the opposite is sometimes true.

Not Catching On To Keyword Overkill:

Just a few short years ago, over placement of keywords still could net results within the search engine even though the copy may not have been stellar. Now, the same search engines are sharper when it comes to telling whether a post truly has relevance for a search query. One of the best ways to assure that you are headed in the right direction is by pausing frequently during content creation to guarantee that you are answering questions rather than coming off with a “stuffed” finished product.

Heaping On Sales Hype:

If a genuine interest has cultivated in what you are offering, the prospect will make the decision to become a customer when they are ready. In order to avoid making the sales hype mistake, put the offer to purchase out there when it aligns well with your post’s theme and purpose.

Relevant Avenues For Promotion:

Failing to promote your content is not as common a mistake as it was a decade ago, but can still happen. You could be discussing the most earth shaking topic in the world, but the absence of social media boosts and hashtags will not bring you much company along for the ride. After hearing what your goals are, we customize a plan to make sure you are visible, successful, and consistently profitable!