Digital Ad Spending May Not Reflect Consumer Media Habits

As potential customers multitask, ad budgets are still struggling to catch up to more digital means

The continued rapid rise of digital media is no secret, but some companies’ ad budgets are still pouring more into traditional media. A recent study from Yahoo entitled “A Day in the Life of a Media Consumer” divulged some insight in the changing media consumption habits of consumers.

For those businesses seeking a boost in the marketing department, this study may come as an eye-opener or even a wake-up call. First of all, the study revealed that smartphone ads are more likely to illicit an emotional response more often that TV. This response helps consumers retain information and are possibly more likely to remember the advertisement. Whether it’s pre-roll or banner ads, your business may have better staying power on a smartphone than a TV these days.

FFS_DigitalMedia_BLOG_IMGPeople are more likely to multitask while watching TV according to the Yahoo study. Think about when you sit down to relax and watch TV. Are you on another device at the same time — Laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet? Nearly 60 percent of consumers surveyed said they use a laptop while watching TV. The TV and smartphone combo came in second at 24 percent.

Primetime (usually 8-10 p.m. EST or 7-9 p.m. CST and PST) has seen an increase in the number of device switches, e.g. using a smartphone during TV commercials. The average consumer surveyed will switch nine times per hour during prime TV hours. In fact, 57 percent of TV watchers switch to another device when an ad appears.

With all this new information, what’s your business’ digital marketing budget looking like? Are you still pouring a large amount into TV or radio? You wouldn’t be alone. According to eMarketer, consumers spent 47.3 percent of their time in digital media versus 36 for TV. However, companies are still pushing budgets toward TV/traditional with an average of 40.5 percent against 33.8 percent digital.

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