Channeling Success Amongst Light-Speed Evolution: Digital Marketing Tips for 2023

No matter how appealing your product or service is, it is imperative to frequently update your digital strategy to remain relevant in today’s market. Adapting to constantly changing algorithms and trends is no easy task. To make sure your hard-earned customers stick around, we have implemented a few strategies here at FarFetched Studios that will help your business stay relevant and sought-after no matter what changes.

Triumph With Short-Form and Live Video:
Video still gets the best conversion rates of any advertising medium. However, just like everything else, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest trends. The Forbes marketing bloggers claimed last week that viewers have a fear of missing out, and always want to be informed of the latest, breaking information. Live videos on Instagram or Facebook can be a great avenue to stay on top of this trend. The key here is to make videos relatable, and not put out content that seems overly polished.

An Engaged Customer Experience:
In 2023, customers are looking for a memorable experience. They want quality and affordability, and technology that assists in simplifying and alleviating frustrations with their experience. This year, however, there is an additional focus on engagement and interactivity.

Exemplify Social Responsibility:
The modern consumer highly values transparency, giving back, and integrity. The pandemic played a huge role in this shift, but so did other recent major events. Today, those who support your brand want to see your attempts to make the world a better place. This should have a profound effect on your social media strategy, as demonstrating how you are part of a solution now can do more than just pushing your product or service.

The Return of Face-to-Face Events:
Things have mostly returned to normal since 2020, thankfully, with only the slightest bit of caution shown by consumers. After being surveyed, about twice as many respondents were ‘extremely likely’ as opposed to ‘extremely unlikely’ to attend in-person events during the first two quarters of 2023. As we get into the summer months, the numbers for ‘extremely likely’ will rise even more.

“We Swear, it’s Not Just a Game!”
Gamification, or the use of interactive game elements on your website, is going to be one of the fastest-growing segments of appeal for 2023. Incorporating gamification into your digital advertising strategy has shown to amplify website interaction, client retention, word-of-mouth advertising and revenue overall. Think of how successful McDonald’s Monopoly Game was, even before the web took off! Everyone loves to point, click, hunt, or solve puzzles, even if they won’t admit to it! Involving your employees can also be a great way to spur growth. We can help you incorporate gamification into your strategy.

Podcasting’s Accessible + Avid Appeal:
Today’s consumer base absorbs information rapidly and is always on the hunt for more. Where applicable, podcasting can be a great way for companies to reach their customers to share their story. Just make sure to have relevant content to share, and inject a bit of humor in your segment. A round of new podcast statistics from show that the number of podcast listeners worldwide has reached 464.7 million. During the pandemic, smart speaker sales were up 22%, which is one of the predominant forms that listeners use to tune-in.

The only way to ensure that your brand remains visible, attractive and relevant this year is to stay on top of (and exercise!) emerging trends in the digital marketplace. Here at FarFetched Studios, we know that the hard work isn’t over after you create your product or service. We are constantly researching and sharing today’s top trends in order to help you attain and retain a tremendous edge over the competition.

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