Digitally Decking The Halls: How to Ready Your Business for the Holidays

Over the past year, people have realized their loved ones are what they hold closest and most dear to them. With people wanting to show their appreciation, your album, clothing line, or new car model may be just what people want to find wrapped in a bow. Here are some things for your business to keep in mind for success as the holidays approach:

Focusing on Festivity with The Camera: It’s a great idea to mix up shots of your product, your staff, and other fun holiday photos. It’s also good to take more photos than you need to assure you have a good enough selection to choose from. Think about new packaging for products that can tie into winter ideas and instill a sense of warmth and togetherness that builds loyalty. After the last few years of uncertainty, a few shots of your staff enjoying themselves in seasonal attire or at a party will allow your customers the opportunity to have a lasting connection and impression.

Sights and Sounds: Snowball pranks, mistletoe, and other forms of yuletide are all in good taste here. Everything from an ugly sweater party to an in-depth personal profile of a jolly employee is fair game, and these are all excellent opportunities to allow people to see your tight-knit culture. As with any truly successful content, even the simplest storyline keeps viewers engaged.

Planning Ahead: While spontaneity can be appreciated, it is a better idea to have a plan of action in place. If your company is hosting any virtual or live events that are holiday-themed, you’ll want to have an organized protocol for presenting online. You can choose to incorporate guest speakers, QR codes, and questions that involve the audience to participate and help stoke others’ positive holiday experiences.

Maximizing Instagram: Instagram has been incredibly successful for holiday marketing. Having a dedicated area where Santa, his elves, or any other object of holiday cheer is in place is a good photo opportunity you can share on social media. Every product and service can benefit from a holiday boost!

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