Do you get what you paid for?

In this day and age there are new “marketing ” agencies popping up every day, there are also a ton of companies starting to call themselves marketing companies. Unfortunately you don’t always get what you pay for and that leads me to my point. Is your pseudo agency looking out for your best interests? Or are they simply just trying to sell you the next new thing that falls on their desk? Also are they doing exactly what they promise? Are they meeting deadlines? Are they paying your media bills immediately after you give them the money to do so?

We have a policy at Farfetched Studios, that is to view every client relationship as a partnership. Why does that matter? It’s simple, you wouldn’t sell your client something that won’t deliver results because in turn they are your partner, a key contributor to your success. Partners need to have a mutual respect for each other and a golden trust, selling products or services that don’t work will make you another person trying to hustle them out of their money. Secondly, sales isn’t marketing—it’s selling. Farfetched studios is in the MARKETING business, not in sales. We pride our business on giving honest opinions, thoroughly evaluated recommendations, and complete marketing plans. Finally, you get what you pay for. What we develop as your targeted marketing plan and what level of the plan you can commit to financially, will be exactly what you get. There is no exceptions.

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