Don’t Suffer Lag, be the Ambitious Alpha Byte! 5 Marketing Trends To Embrace For 2024

The social media and digital advertising landscape has been evolving at the speed of light and the coming year promises to offer numerous challenging surprises. Methods for creating and sharing content are constantly changing and 2024 promises to offer even more riveting advancements in technology. The trends that are rearing their heads sometimes arrive on very short notice and successfully leveraging them is key to long-term resilience. 

Even the savviest and most seasoned marketers can easily fall behind due to surprising and hard-to-follow trends! They can come and go so quickly it can disrupt even the most thought-through campaign. Here are a few of the trends we have noticed will smartly stand out, offering a chance to skillfully navigate uncertain waters. 

From Snippets to Stories: Embracing the Impact of Long-Form Content

Many marketers have somehow been led to think that long-form content is out, as incredibly short reels and snippets have been met with a fierce appetite. It’s not just for video essays: long-form content includes blogs, E-books, and the voices crackling to life during insightful podcasts. More than ¾ of respondents surveyed claimed that longer content remained their favorable choice. TikTok has increased their length slots to 15 minutes, a quite drastic jump from the 15-second norm. Here there are more opportunities to build trust, and successfully place ads.

How Prioritized Messaging Amplifies Engagement:

Making your way from the very public news feed to the more intimate spaces of direct messaging requires a well-planned strategy. Just as TikTok was seen by digital marketers to lack extreme personalization, they created a “friends only” option that even allows for private “notes.” Even the seemingly narcissistic and photogenic Instagram app has now incorporated DMS and stories. One-on-one connections will always resonate well with your audience, and organically establish a deep connection. The power of a direct message can stoke the subconscious just as effectively as the attention-grabbing and pivotal short.

Contagious & Thought-Through Content That Sparks Social Sharing:

Likes and followers are very valuable in the ever-evolving world of digital stats, as they convey sparked interest, along with long-term loyalty. Sharing reflects a heightened amount of engagement, as the content was relevant enough for them to pass on to others. Instagram even switched things up drastically in order to post display and share metrics, which draws even more attention to the share’s superb form of clout. One of the first hurdles of content creation is to craft material that not only is appealing but exciting or educational enough to turn friends and acquaintances onto. Brands in all industries have enjoyed a robust period of growth once a group of “ambassadors” spreads the word.

Always Brief, Sweet, & Seen: The Power of Leveraging Youtube Shorts

Just as we have reflected on how effective long-form content is, it is crucial to re-introduce a trusty streaming favorite to the mix! YouTube shorts have been quickly emerging as a huge audience pull as short-form content can be a rightful dominator. Since YouTube has the means to track with industry-leading analytics, many marketers saw an immense opportunity with this very easy-to-digest medium. Short-form video is officially known as not being any longer than 60 seconds, and many leading TikToks ring in at just 5 seconds. As annoying as some would think it is to watch someone glance over their shoulder or get ready to speak as a video perpetually caught in fast forward and reverse, these are very popular and easy to produce. 

These types of videos are also prioritized by the algorithms of the world’s top social networks, which see creators of all types giving them top priority. Elaborate scripts and Ridley-Scott-caliber lighting are not needed for these very short clips, as short-form audiences crave authenticity and honesty. Trendy dances and popular fads work wonders, but be careful: this is where you can evoke a hyper-focused style of honing on a demographic. If you are ever in doubt about how much you are really appealing to your viewers, it’s always beneficial to inform. During the process of microlearning, audiences can gain valuable insights about products and services via short form.

User First Approach: Optimizing Digital Content for Immersive Impact:

The algorithms that are taking up the “old boss, meet the new boss” space go hard to work curating feeds that are well-aligned with individual preferences and vast interests. These algorithms meticulously sift through many layers of noise and can prioritize content that wins big by gauging moods and specific preferences such as hobbies. Outdoor and lifestyle brands can have it easy when it comes to initial appeal, as there is a built-in “cult following” which elevates word-of-mouth and widespread appeal. Instead of conveying how great an individual or product is, it’s imperative to let it be known how an interested party’s life will improve and become easier after they partake. 

The Pulse of Progress: Taking Charge of Tomorrow’s Trends:

Embracing long-form videos, valuing shares, and experimenting with YouTube shorts, marketers have a good chance of successfully navigating a potentially turbulent year ahead. Any kind of content lacking a personal touch is not going to have quite the desired pull needed to retain followers, and all of us here at FarFetched Studios can guarantee that there will be plenty of newbies blindly “throwing darts at the board” yearning for success. Reach out to us today for a consultation, and embrace the tools to thrive with the tough who sharply excel at strategy! 

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