Creative Director

We need a creator of copy, a brand visionary and an enthusiastic artist of their craft that is well….enthused! Farfetched Studios is hiring an experienced Creative Director. The job responsibilities will be centered around client creative production and creative strategy. Responsibilities will include everything from script writing to video production.

Director of Operations

Farfetched Studios is on its way up and we need great people to get there. We are currently seeking an experienced Director Of Operations to help us keep projects, production and growth on track for years ahead. As we set ourselves up for aggressive growth, we are looking to expand our team with the right team members, and need an experienced individual to be our Director Of Operations.

Social Media Maven

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and THE Twitter, we need a team member to drive these social channels to greatness for our clients. Growth, engagement and brand awareness are key elements of a successful social media presence.

SEO & Content Specialist

Farfetched Studios needs the right person with the knowledge and capability to drive organic traffic and growth for our clients. We have clients eager to add search engine optimization and content creation from us to fuel their website traffic. We need that right person, the one that looks for the next tweak of a clients’ website to make it attract new customers like puppies to peanut butter.

Digital Marketing Guru

Farfetched Studios has been leading the pack with cutting edge digital marketing. We’ve done an incredible job of building in-house capabilities that rival some of the largest agencies in our industry. With the growth that we have experienced over the past 12 years, we are ready to 10X our digital marketing efforts and make a bigger impact amongst our clients.


Looking for an Internship? Farfetched Studios will work with you and your professors to get you college credit. The best thing about our Internships is that we actually teach you more about the complete function of a marketing team. The knowledge that you will learn here will make you ready for your first job, and even give you an opportunity to start your marketing career at Farfetched.