Engaging Customers Through Message Optimization: Strengthening Retail Loyalty and Relying on the Touchless Purchase

Over the past two years, we have witnessed many changes here at Farfetched Studios across the digital marketing environment, and it seems as if the focus on the customer experience gained the ability to become better with advanced technology. Scheduling just about anything online, the ability to make touchless purchases in many stores, and getting real-time updates on important packages in transit have all become much simpler. Now that we are here, it’s going to be a bit tougher for those who are not prepared to embrace the “survival of the fittest” and get on board with how quickly expectations have changed.

Here are some tips that we have learned that will help greatly while helping any retail-model business focus on the experience the customer has to improve their loyalty, and win over new customers frequently along the way. There are so many reasons why you’ll want to focus on the experience the customer undergoes while making their decision because when you have a product or idea you want the masses to adapt to and accept quickly, it is easy to overlook a few very important traits of just how you are perceived during the experience that can “steer towards or veer away” your potential customer quickly.

Marketing Technology: Many different types of retailers have begun to use new technology since the pandemic’s beginning that helps get their important messages across to customers in very new ways, and to offer much simpler options for expediting and pickup. Now is certainly the perfect opportunity to look at whether your marketing technology is feeding customer data into a useful CRM and beyond, so you can put a personal touch within the customer experience that spans several channels.

Getting Realistic With Personalization Goals: With consumers now on track to see their loyalty factor hover around just two or three retailers, personalization will emerge as more important than ever. Having a thorough understanding of how digitally adept and navigable your presence can paint a clear picture for you of where the brand should be. Your tech and data management options can support segmented personalization or provide a very clear focus on a targeted form of personalization during the customer’s experience on your URL and when being a participant on your email list. 

Proper Timing and Delivery for SMS Marketing: With the growth of mobile commerce set to expand at a startling 68% during 2022, brands can use SMS marketing and messaging with a high level of success. Getting permission to do this is also a very crucial first step, as you can now benefit from a much higher open rate than with standard marketing emails. Currently, 81% of U.S. consumers have opened business SMS messages, and there are many ways that we can assist in tailoring a very personal touch that feels like a well-led conversation. 

Steps for Domination of Digital Marketplaces: After you have successfully built a marketplaces channel, you can be enjoying the benefits of nearly 57% of U.S. B2C e-commerce sales that take place here. One of the best ways to keep browsers around for the long haul is with search algorithms that can be built within your own marketplace SEO program that will help those browsing quickly find your different product types. This vital data is not just to help within the search, as you can also use it to begin a personal messaging technique to communicate regularly. 

The Abounding Acceptance of Alternate Payments: Accepting alternate payment methods such as mobile wallets has grown largely in popularity, as customers now crave just a single-tap experience to check out. This used to not be expected from bigger-box retailers, and valuable repeat customers will now quickly turn to a competitor. 2022 will be a very important year for aligning point-of-sale terminals with the rest of your digital technology stack, allowing for the quick and hassle-free mobile payments that so many entities provide. Many are not wanting to re-verify, enter their billing address during every transaction, or deal with a portal that doesn’t “remember” every detail.

The Stunning and Futuristic Draw of the Metaverse: The metaverse will include both virtual and hybrid worlds that will be accessible through connected devices as a portal. What is going to be very revolutionary is the boundaries that will be crossed, as customers who may obtain a new article of clothing can wear it anywhere they virtually travel, and “new worlds” they are excited to visit. There will be virtual marketplaces within marketplaces, many opportunities to capitalize on impulse spending, and the very rapidly-changing element of artificial intelligence presiding at the helm.

Here at Farfetched Studios, we have always been ahead of the curve while recognizing that doing so has taken even more hard work on behalf of our clients. The last two years have provided challenges that have also developed into bridges that provide massive growth when crossed, and our assistance can help you lead the way. From SEO strategy to videos, versatile testimonials, and delivering on the demand of meeting long-term goals, we are available to make sure that your order queue is full, and your clients are consistently happy.

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