Facebook Ad Targeting 4.0

Social media has obviously taken off over the past 10 years, Facebook now boasts over 244 Million users and Instagram reaches another 105 million users just in the United States.

The power of social media gives you a huge opportunity to reach a captive audience that uses their mobile device to access social platforms over 126 minutes on average each day. Now is the time to capture those customers with a series of ads that use the top performing ad placements on those platforms while using targeted audience data. Facebook currently provides data that can be layered over the geographic target area to focus on users’ interests, demographics, behavior and even where they work!

No matter what data is available through the Facebook/Instagram ads platform, we have an enhanced solution that allows us to use 1st party data, look-a-like audiences and 3rd party audience targeting to supercharge any social media marketing campaign.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads based on customer interests and previous searches.


Customer Engaging Stories and Interactive Images


Promotional Events and Images for customer awareness.


Personalized Videos/Commercials and Interactive Images for promotions.

Multi Display Ads

Customized Multi Image Ads

Boosted Posts

Boosted and Sponsored posts to achieve maximum view-ability.

Top Social Performers

Currently, we are seeing a rise in engagement for carousel ads that utilize dynamic inventory data for our automotive dealer clients. The engagement comes from a strategically placed video coupled with relevant inventory based on the targeting that we have selected for our client. The results are more buyers on your website and getting them directed right to your inventory.

Social Media Marketing Services

We help clients optimize their social media channels, increase their brand awareness, develop paid social media advertising strategies, and manage social media accounts. How can we help you?

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